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E++ SS München (Munich) Barracks Flag SS1138 $5,000.00
NM SS District flag from Oberkassel 5. This early and very rare party flag measures 120cm by 128cm (3'11" x 4'2"). 10 piece construction from a heavy loose woven cotton with a linen roundel and "non-mobile" swastika. This and the black wool unit patches identified SS district flags up until 1935. The text which reads "Oberkassel 5" is chain stitched in white rayon with a heavy rayon piping. "5" is the SS district of Suedwest (Southwest) where in Oberkassel & the town of Kassel are located in Southwestern Germany. Trimmed in silver bullion fringe with all the cloth suspension tabs and upper spring clip intact, but all the steel rings are missing....replaced for display purposes. This beautiful flag is in near perfect condition with 2 small holes near the patch and some very minor soil and 2 stains on the white roundel. SS722 $1000.00
E Allgemeine SS EM/NCO's Visor Cap circa 1937. Constructed from black tricot wool with a white wool waffenfarbe piping around the crown and the center band. The internal crown stiffening wire has been removed but internal padding and a vertical stiffener behind the insignia gives the cap a nice relaxed saddle form with a high peak. The insignia on this piece is the early pattern worn by both the SS and the SA with the old Imperial Danziger style Totenkopf (Death’s Head) which as adopted by the SS in May 1923. Both pieces are struck from aluminum with mild corrosion, and unfortunately a broken right wing on the eagle at the prong. NOTE....In an attempt to distance themselves from the SA, the SS introduced a new pattern cap skull (seen on the cap above SS774) to replace the previously used Danziger style skull in the fall of 1934. The black leather chin strap is a little dry with a couple cracks on the right side, but it's not broken yet and will be fine as long as it's properly cared for. The black lacquered vulcan fiber visor has the correct rolled lip at the edge with a couple of small scuff marks and minor surface cracking to the lacquered finish. The burnt orange underside shows a subtle "checker board" or diamond pattern with the correct RZM SS stamp in the right corner. The interior of the cap is lined with a well worn burnt orange oil cloth in the crown and a orange/tan cheese cloth to the body. The original celluloid sweat diamond is 80% intact with a small section broken out near the name tag slot. The size "56 1/2" is stamped in black ink at the top, with gold SS runes in a circle at the center, and a beautiful black rayon SS RZM tag at the bottom. The tan leather sweatband has 5 rows of ventilation holes at the front with no damage other than soil and sweat marks. The orange foam pad is still intact underneath, but a little cruddy from use. This incredibly well marked cap also has a black oil cloth Tuchmütze SS/RZM tag with white print and a black ink stamped manufacturer's numerical code, hand sewn under the sweatband on the right side. The script on the tag includes the RZM logo, designation, "Tuchmütze für SS" (Cloth cap for the SS), and "Uniformteile müssen sichtbar das Schutzzeichen der RZM der NSDAP tragen. Bekanntmachung vom 16. 1. 1935. Reichzeugmeisterei der NSDAP"...Translation: Uniform items are obliged to carry a visible trade mark of the RZM of the NSDAP. As per the proclamation of 16. 1. 1935 of the National Equipment Quartermaster of the NSDAP. Finally, there are 2 1937 ink stamps on the underside of the sweatband on either side of the cap, one in black and one in purple. This peach is in incredible condition considering it's age and obvious wear with a total 5 sets of SS runes! SS773 $5800.00
NM SS M31 Oak Leaf "A" Camouflage Quarter Shelter/Ponco or Zeltbahn. The development of SS camouflage was initiated by Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler in 1935 when he had the Reichsführung SS begin researching new camouflage patterns and garments for use by the SSVT, SS Verfügungstruppe. In late '36 and early '37 the first SS camouflage items were issued to the SSVT Standarte Deutschland for field testing and evaluation. The first items issued were Zeltbahns like this one followed by helmet covers like SS771 pictured above, as well as face masks and smocks or field blouses. In the 30s camouflage patterns were produced using time consuming manual screen printing until the development of faster machine roller printing was developed in 1940. By the end of the war at least ten different camouflage patterns were used by the SS. As the war progressed the SS introduced new camouflage patterns like this Oak Leaf "A" pattern which was developed in 1941 and used for the duration of the war. The M31 Zeltbahn was a standard item issued to all SS men along with accessories which included 1 tent rope, a 3 piece breakdown tent pole, and 2 tent pegs which allowed him to turn his poncho into a tent or quarter shelter. This particular Zeltbahn is standard issue, reversible summer/fall pattern, and water resistant. Cotton drill construction with the post 1940 machine rolled Oak Leaf "A" camouflage pattern. The summer side of the shelter consists of different shades of green and tan. The fall side features shades of rich golden tans and browns. This is the triangular shaped shelter, measuring roughly 8' foot 2' inches wide by 7' foot 2" inches high. In the center is a 12 1/2" inch long double layered opening which allowed it to be slipped over the head for wear as a poncho. It retains all 62 of it's original zinc dished buttons, 2 at the neck opening and 60 positioned around the edges with corresponding button holes allowing it to be buttoned together with other shelters to allow larger tents for more than one man. It's also complete with 1 large and 2 small zinc grommets at each of the 3 corners and 2 more small grommets at the center of the base edge for rope. Overall this beauty is in near mint condition with only minor corrosion to the zinc hardware with no evidence of use and no visible manufacturer's marks. SS744 $900.00
M- Waffen SS/Army Assault Gunner's Trousers for Armored Vehicle Crews.

These are what have been referred to as the "early" 1941 pattern trousers because they feature 4 single button pocket flaps. Constructed from a high quality field gray/green wool with a flapless watch pocket on the front, and slots for an internal belt (not included). Some questions remain regarding whether this "internal belt" style was worn exclusively by Army troops, but period photographs show SS gun men wearing a wide variety of trousers including several variants of the single button pocket flap. The waist is partially lined, and the 4 pockets are constructed from an off white HBT (Herring Bone Twill) material. The underside of the pocket flaps, inside cuffs, inside fly, and a single belt loop on the front left are lined with a khaki green HBT material. All 12 of the original green bakelite buttons are intact. The right hand interior waist band is stamped in black ink with the dimensions and date as follows: 98 over 102, 102 over 100, with "WS41" below. The cuffs feature a slot in the lining and a reinforced "button" hole for a tie strap. Unfortunately, like the waist belt, the tie straps are not included.

See volume 3, page 776 of the late Michael Beaver's "Uniforms of the Waffen-SS" for a period photo of 2 Assault gun men wearing the late pattern wrapper pictured above along with early pattern single button flap trousers like these.
SSC986 $1375.00
NM SS/Army Wool Keilhose with Suspenders. Constructed from a field gray/green wool with a gray/green cotton lining and a reinforced seat. 5 pocket design with no flaps except for the watch pocket. All 20 of the original green hard leather buttons are intact. 2 adjustment straps at either hip with toothed slide buckles. 3 reinforced eyelets on each cuff complete with both tie straps. The suspenders are in outstanding condition, all the hardware is intact and the leather straps are still soft and supple. there is some minor rust to some of the hardware, but it is barely noticeable and does not detract from the value. Stamped R.S. 1/61 00 (? difficult to read) on the leather where the 2 straps meet on the back. Over all this is an incredible set up and a very rare find with the suspenders intact. SS618 $700.00
E+ SS/Army M37 Wool Long Trousers. Constructed from field gray combat wool with an off white linen lining. Stamped with the dimensions "78 84 111 98" and an illegible factory stamp although I can make out "BERLIN". 4 flap less pocket design with elastic straps at the cuff and a lighter colored gray/tan over the boot cuff. These trousers were definitely well used with several period replaced buttons (all 14 are intact) and a period repair/patch at the crotch. Over all they really are very clean and in excellent condition. SS617 $350.00
E- Waffen SS Officer's Brocade Belt with RZM tag. Silver brocade with SS Rune and Oak leave pattern and twin bullion/black borders. This has seen a lot of wear and has some minor cracking-fraying. Lined with officer grade green velvet with both loops and an aluminum officer's buckle keeper sewn onto one end. The black leather tab is marked 110cm and has 14 sets of holes with the original paper RZM tag. The leather is dry but all complete!! SS419 $975.00
E- SS Officer's Belt Buckle by Overhoff & Cie of Lüdenscheid.

This buckle was stamped from white aluminum which suffers a little from being exposed to the elements before it was discovered in 1946(?). Brant bought this buckle in the spring of 2003 from a pawn shop owner near Vero Beach, FL who claimed his "Opa found it in a dump site." There's some minor corrosion and pocking to the obverse, but the majority of the damage is limited to the keeper and roller bar where the corrosion has eaten clear through in 2 places. The reverse is stamped with the RZM logo in a double circle over SS runes in a single circle followed by OLC's code and the year "36/37" in a single circle with "OCL" in a diamond underneath. Despite the minor damage this buckle is 100% functional and perfect for display since all of the damage will be unseen once it's mounted to a belt.
SS922 $650.00
E+ SS EM/NCO's Black Belt by Gustav Brehmer of Markneukirchen, and Aluminum Buckle by Christian Theodor Dicke of Lüdenscheid.

The buckle with this set is maker marked with the RZM logo in a double circle followed by "822/37" then SS runes in a single circle...all in raised text. This code and several others have been referred to as the "new series" of RZM/SS codes. It's believed they were introduced in 1936 in conjunction with the new aluminum SS buckles. An identical buckle with the same code and year "37" can be seen in "The new series of RZM SS markings and the aluminum buckles" section on page 220 in "German Belt Buckles 1845-1945" by Peter Nash. According to Peter, these buckles were die struck from aluminum with a "plain aluminum or nickel belt hook", but I see a injection molded buckle with an integral catch, and John Angolia confirms this on page 12 of his book "Belt Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich". Peter goes on to explain that all of the "new codes" had not been attributed at the time, which was 2003 when his book was published, but he was able to confirm codes "36" as Overhoff, and "155" as Assmann. It was originally thought there were the only 2 makers authorized to produce aluminum SS buckles, but Peter claimed other codes including 822 had been observed.

The belt is a standard combat issue by Gustav Brehmer "60/41". It's fitted with a heavy pressed aluminum "combat" hook as seen on page 17 of Nash's book. It appears as though it was originally painted with a field gray/green enamel, but only 25% remains intact, most of which can be seen in the recesses on the reverse. The belt is constructed from a thick cow hide, blackened on the obverse with a dark brown finish on the reverse. The tongue is clearly stamped with the RZM logo in a single circle, "60/41" for Brehmer and the year 1941, and thick SS runes inside a double circle. The leather measures 95cm from the catch to the rounded end. The maximum length is 97cm (approximately 38.25 inches) with the buckle attached to the last set of holes. The 43mm catch tab is clearly stamped with Brehmer's logo, intertwined GB, on the hook. This beautiful set shows plenty evidence of use, but it's still in excellent condition with no major damage or signs of neglect.
SSC978 $850.00
E+ SS EM/NCO Belt Buckle by Assmann.

This specific SS buckle by Assmann has been highly reproduced since 2002, but I guarantee this is NOT one of them. If you can get your hands on a copy of "German Belt Buckles 1845-1945" by Peter Nash you'll see that this buckle has all the correct characteristics of an original "RZM 155" Assmann as seen on pages 225-227, but none of the erroneous characteristics Nash points out on the various reproductions featured on pages 241-245. I'd list all of the details for you here, but there are far too many. If you have any doubts please feel free to give me a call and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

This is a die struck steel buckle with 95% of the original silver wash still intact. Unfortunately there is some minor rust on the reverse, probably from being improperly stored while in a humid climate. (I purchased this buckle from the capturing vet's nephew who resides in Florida.) The reverse is stamped with the RZM logo in a double circle followed by "155/43" and SS runes in a double circle under the roller bar...facing outwards as it should be. Note the gap between the RZM and the "1" of "155". These are 2 features that Nash points out on the originals pictured on pages 225-247 in his book. Even though this buckle isn't in pristine condition, it is a beautiful and very honest example of a highly reproduced treasure of the Waffen-SS.
SS919 $375.00
NM SS Military Band pair of "Swallows Nests". 2 mid to late period swallows nests with a black doeskin wool base. Machine sewn to this is 1 lower stripe and 7 vertical silver grey cellion stripes 20 MM wide with a double row of 3 CM long fringe at the bottom. so these have been worn. Attached to the back of one is a paper RZM tag! 100% original period pieces, rare and very desirable. To reference these exact same examples see page 174 of "Cloth Insignia of the SS" by John Angolia. SS449 $475.00
NM- SS Senior NCO/Officer's Sword Troddle.
(SS Unterführer/Führer Säbel Portepee)

The German Portepee was first introduced in 1808 as a means to secure edged weapons to the soldier's wrist in battle. Later it's function turned to one of identification and decoration, a tradition that continued through out WWI, the Weimar Republic, and WWII.

The knot on this beauty is constructed with a wooden core wrapped in white cotton thread then covered with 1mm double twist cotton chords wrapped in bright aluminum flat wire. The stem is constructed from what appears to be a thin sheet of steel (magnetic) covered with an aluminum brocade sleeve with machine embroidered SS runes on either side in black. The stem is topped with the same double twist chord used to cover the knot and crown. The slide is braided with 3 triple strand aluminum covered cotton chords, slightly thinner than those used to cover the knot. The 32cm tie strap and "cat's anus" are constructed from a 2cm wide aluminum tress with double black stripe borders. The strap on this troddle shows signs of use which tells us it was tied to a sword or bayonet, but there's no major wear or honest example of a very desirable sword ornament.
SS932 $900.00
E- SS-VT early Dagger Troddle. Silver gray strap with twin black lines, the slide is present but broken and missing most of it's cloth. Salt and pepper stem, black crown, silver gray acorn, and "cats anus" is the same as strapping. Hard to find piece. SS274 $295.00
E Early SS Officer Sword Portapee. This is the small type portapee that went on the Lion's head swords. Most common is the leather strap, this is the cloth strap. Hard to find and priced right. P049 $175.00
E++ SS Officer's Long Bullion Sword Hanger.

Slightly tarnished, the bullion is near mint with a nickle chain, retaining clip, buckle, and snap. The lower clip is marked with the Anchor with an S. This was purchased from Tom Wittmann.
SS292 $800.00
E+ SS NCO Sword Hanger. Shows wear and age crazing. 98% of the original black finish remains.The nickle fittings are unmarked and retain about 80%+ of the original wash. SS330 $295.00
E+ SS/Police Teardrop Sword Hanger.
(SS und Polizei Degen Gehänge)

The sword or Degen is an ancient military tradition that evolved from a functional weapon into an element of the dress uniform, a symbol of strength and power that is still recognized by the world's armies to this day. In 1936 the Third Reich introduced individual and distinctive swords for the SS, Police, and Fire department officer's and NCO personnel. When issued swords for each organization were accompanied by a hanger distinctive to each individual leather for the Waffen-SS, blue leather for the Luftwaffe, and green leather for the SS und Polizei.

This hanger is constructed from a green textured leather with a simple aluminum tress top. The plated steel suspension bar and plated steel spring clip are attached to the folded over leather tabs with a pebbled aluminum button.
SS926 $455.00
E RARE SS/Polizie White Parade Bayonet Frog. (SS/Polizei Seitengewehrtasche)

Both the SS-LAH (Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler) and Polizei units wore white accoutrements at parade and ceremonial functions including leather belts, straps, gloves, and frogs like this one.

2 piece construction from a heavy cow hide colored with a thick white finish that has yellowed and spidered over the decades. The reverse is stamped with the manufacturer's name "Bruno Leunert, the date "1938", and the factory's location in "Bretnig". This is an Extremely rare accoutrement produced exclusively for the Polizei and Hitler's personal Guard while on parade or guard duty.
SS928 $375.00
NM- SS EM/NCO Dagger Hanger with RZM Stamp. Constructed from a blackened cow hide with an RZM circle stamped on the reverse. The leather is still soft and pliable with 98% of the finish intact. The upper strap buckle and all 3 rivets are plated steel. The top rivet by the belt clip is painted with black enamel on the front side. The belt clip is struck from zinc with DRGM in raised text on the reverse. The steel spring clip is intact and functioning perfectly. SS790 $250.00
E+ SS Dagger Hanger by Assmann.
(SS Dolch Gehänge)

Constructed from blackened leather with a nickel buckle and spring clip. The clip is stamped with the Assmann "A" logo and DRGM on the reverse and the leather strap is stamped "SS 68/38 RZM". Although slightly worn from use, the leather on this hanger is still soft and pliable, perfect for display on you M33 SS dagger.
SS929 $250.00
E++ SS Commemorative Plaque. Struck from solid nickle silver with a beautiful background detail on the face with "semi hollow" recesses on the rear. The runes on the front are struck from copper with 80% of the original guilt finish remaining. The rear has a dedication stamped into it that reads "1942 SS VT Steiner St. Lo" "1944 SS Hitler Jugend" and No.0856 with a maker's mark/logo that appears to be an "O" with a "B" partially intertwined and a sideways "R" inside the B. There are 4 holes for mounting on the outer edge. It measures 184mm X 137mm. This is a period plaque and I will include a letter of authenticity if requested. I know everyone's thoughts on this type item. SS467 $445.00
F+ Nederland Field Hospital Dog Tag (dug)

Stamped "Feldlaz.d.Leg.Nd 1. Nr. 137" on the obverse, and "O" on the reverse, indicating the SS Man "Nr. 137", with blood type "O", served at the "Feldlazerett der Legion Niederländisch 1". Translation, "Legion Nederland 1 Field Hospital". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1082 $300.00
E SS-Totenkopf Camp Guard Dog Tag

Stamped "4./ SS-T-Stuba Stu 228" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "228" served with the "4./SS-Totenkopf Sturmbann Sturm". Translation, "SS-Totenkopf Storm-Battalion, 4th Assault or Storm Troop". The SS-Totenkopf (Death's Head) Sturmbann were guards at the Concentration Camps who eventually formed the 3rd SS-Panzer Division "Totenkopf". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion but the text is easily read.
SS1077 $250.00
E+ Waffen-SS "Totenkopf"
Infantry Regiment Dog Tag

Stamped from the reverse in raised text "1/14 SS T.J.R. 61" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "61" served with the "1/14 SS Totenkopf Infanterie Regiment". Translation, "Waffen-SS Infantry Regiment 1, Battalion 14". This is an alluminum alloy tag so it has some minor pitting and corrosion on the reverse.
SS1081 $200.00
E Waffen-SS Polizei Division Dog Tag

Stamped "1./ART.E.ABT.SS POL-DIV. 793 B" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "793", with blood type "B", served with the "1. Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung SS Polizei-Division". Translation, "Waffen-SS Police-Division, 1st Artillery Replacement Battalion". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1064 $175.00
E Waffen-SS Polizei Flak Battalion Dog Tag

Stamped "1./FLAK ABT.SS POL.DIV. 4 O" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "4", with blood type "O", served with the "1./Flak Abteilung SS-Polizei Division". Translation, "Waffen-SS Police Division, 1st Flak Battalion". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1072 $150.00
E Waffen-SS Polizei Recruitment Dog Tag

Stamped "WI.BTL/SS-POL.DIV." on the obverse, and "25" on the reverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "25" served with the "Wehr-Inspektion Battalion/SS-Polizei Division". Translation, "Waffen-SS Police Division Recruitment (District HQ) Battalion". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1068 $150.00
F+ Waffen-SS Polizei Division Dog Tag (broken)

Stamped "J.G.E.Kp./SS POL. DIV. 33" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "33" served with the "Infanterie Geschütz Ersatz Kompanie/SS Polizei-Division". Translation, "Waffen-SS Police-Division, Infantry Assault Replacement Company". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1065 $85.00
E+ "Schuma" Volunteer Polizei
Battalion 64 Dog Tag.

Stamped "wr.Schutzm.-F.-Batl.64 Nr.440.Fr." on the obverse, indicating the Policeman Nr. "440" served with the "wache regiment Schutzmannschaft (Schuma)-Freiwilligen-Battalion 64". Translation, "guard regiment Protection-squad (Police) Volunteer Battalion 64". This is a zinc alloy tag with minimal corrosion. The text was enhanced with a white enamel (removable).

History: See SS1086 listed above.
SS1087 $100.00
E+ "Schuma" Volunteer Polizei
Battalion 64 Dog Tag.

Stamped "wr.Schutzm.-F.-Batl.64 Nr.348.Fr." on the obverse, indicating the Policeman Nr. "348" served with the "wache regiment Schutzmannschaft (Schuma)-Freiwilligen-Battalion 64". Translation, "guard regiment Protection-squad (Police) Volunteer Battalion 64". This is a zinc alloy tag with minimal corrosion.

History: See SS1086 listed above.
SS1088 $100.00
E+ "Schuma" Volunteer Polizei
Battalion 64 Dog Tag.

Stamped "wr.Schutzm.-F.-Batl.64 Nr.489.Fr." on the obverse, indicating the Policeman Nr. "489" served with the "wache regiment Schutzmannschaft (Schuma)-Freiwilligen-Battalion 64". Translation, "guard regiment Protection-squad (Police) Volunteer Battalion 64". This is a zinc alloy tag with minimal corrosion.

History: See SS1086 listed above.
SS530 $100.00
E "Hiwi" or Hilfwilliger (Russian)
Volunteer Dog Tag

Stamped "HIWI AGP 668 32" on the obverse, indicating the Police volunteer Nr. "32" served with the "Hilfwilliger Armee-Geräte-Park 668". Translation, "Volunteer Assistant (Literally..."willing to help") Army-Ordnance-Depot 668". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text is difficult to read in my scans, but I can assure you most of it is still crisp and easily read in hand.

History: Like the Schutzmannschaft or Schuma, the term "Hiwi" was often associated with collaborationism, and with the case of the occupied Soviet territories, with anti-Bolshevism. Some Soviet Hiwis were pressed into combat serving with the SS or Wehrmacht when in desperate situations, such as when they fought for the 6th Armee at Stalingrad where they made up about 25% (50,000) of the front line strength.
SS1085 $200.00
F++ Buchenwald Concentration Camp Dog Tag

This incredibly rare zinc dog tag was dug about 40 years ago so there's some significant corrosion around the perimeter, but all of the text is still intact and very easy to read. The previous owner, who actually unearthed this and most of my dog tags, enhanced the text with a dark stain. This material could be removed with a mild solvent, but it makes it much easier to tread, and doesn't detract from the value. The front is stamped "SS T STUBA" across the top with "KL BUCHENWALD" underneath. This tells us the tag belonged to an SS-Totenkopf Sturmbann (guard) who was stationed at the KonzentrationsLager (Concentration Camp) Buchenwald. The reverse is stamped with his serial number "365".
SS958 $300.00
E- Waffen-SS Mountain-trooper Signals Dog Tag.

Stamped "SS-GEB. NACHR. ERS. ABT." which is the abbreviation for: "Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger-Nachrichten-Ersatz-Abteilung" Translation: Waffen-SS Mountain Signals (communications) Replacement Department. Stamped "A" for the SS man's blood type and "1519" which was his serial number. The reverse is stamped "Waffen-SS". Made from a dark gray "pot" metal with corrosion pocks and couple holes that go all the way through the metal.
SS850 $200.00
E+ Waffen-SS Calvary Dog Tag

Stamped "W-SS-1-K.E.K.-1870 A" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "1870", with blood type "A", served with the "Waffen-SS 1 Kradschutzen Ersatz Kompanie". Translation, "Armed-SS 1st SS Motorcycle Rifles Replacement Company". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1062 $150.00
E Waffen-SS Signals (Communications) Dog Tag

Stamped "SS NACHR.ERS.RGT. 30586" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "30586" served with the "SS Nachrichten-Ersatz-Regiment". Translation, "Waffen-SS Signals Replacement Regiment". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1055 $150.00
E Waffen-SS Signals Battalion
1/2 Dog Tag Indicating KIA (dug)

Stamped "WAFFEN-SS NA E ABT 9452" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "9452" served with the "WAFFEN-SS Nachtrichten Ersatz Abteilung". Translation, "Armed-SS Signals (Communications) Replacement Battalion". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1060 $75.00
E Waffen-SS Headquarters Dog Tag.

Stamped "SS-Hauptamt" Translation: "Waffen SS Headquarters". Stamped underneath with the SS man's serial number "3042" and "Waffen-SS" on the reverse. Made from a gray metal (zinc alloy) with minor corrosion spotting on both sides.
SS849 $150.00
E+ Waffen-SS Dog Tag from the Assault Gunner Battalion #4. Stamped: "STABSBATTR. SS-STU.GESCH.ABT.4" which is the abbreviation for "Stabsbatterie SS Sturmgeschütz Abteilung 4". Translation: Staff Battery SS-Assault Gun Battalion 4. The SS man's serial 8 is stamped at the top. Stamped from aluminum with no corrosion, it's bent in the center making it slightly convex. SS607 $150.00
E- Waffen-SS Dog Tag for an SS Sniper. Stamped "SS-SCHARSCHTZ. A.U.E.BTL." which is the abbreviation for: "Waffen-SS Scharfschütze Ausbildungs-und Ersatz-Batallion." Translation: Waffen-SS Sniper Training and Replacement Battalion. Stamped above with the sniper's serial number 73 which is a very low number. There were very few SS snipers so this is an extremely rare and valuable fact, it's the only SS sniper tag I've ever seen. Even my reference book doesn't have an original photo of one! Made from a gray metal (zinc alloy) with corrosion spots and some chipping around one edge. SS851 $350.00
E+ Prinz Eugen Dog Tag. Stamped from zinc, this very rare and highly collectable dog tag is stamped WAFFEN-SS "PRINZ EUGEN,, 206 3./GEB.ART.RGT Translates: Waffen SS Volunteer Prinz Eugen Mountain Division Artillery Regiment number 206. SS524 $250.00
NM SS Replacement Battalion Dog Tag with the original string. Stamped from aluminum this tag is in near mint condition with very minor corrosion and a bit of soil on the disc and string. It is stamped 1./JNP.ERS.BTL.90 SS 54 A. Translates: 1./JNP(JNP ? if you know, please contact me.) Waffen SS Replacement Battalion 90 number 54 blood type A. SS527 $165.00
NM Waffen SS Dog Tag, Panzer-Zerstor (bespannt) meaning animal drawn, Replacement Battalion 9, #402, blood type B. Aluminum disc in excellent condition. SS300 $145.00
E Waffen-SS Lorry Driver Dog Tag

Stamped "SS-FHA. SS-KFZ.-ZTL.-DEPOT" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man served with the "SS-FahrAbteilung (Pferdebespannt) SS-KraftFarZeug-Zeitlich-Depot". Translation, "SS-Supply Train Battalion, SS-Motor Vehicle-Temporary-Depot". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable). The reverse is stamped with the SS Man's Nr. "7"
SS1053 $100.00
E++ SS Totenkopf Dog Tag. Full ID tag made from zinc with minor corrosion and pitting. Stamped "3 SS PZ.Gren.Rgt.5.Totenkopf 722" SSC416 $168.00
E+ SS Der Führer Dog Tag. Full ID tag made from zinc with corrosion spotting. Stamped "B" (blood type) and "SS D.F. 880" Rare "Das Reich" Division find! Get it while you can!! SSC415 $110.00
E Rumanian-SS Volunteer Dog Tag

Stamped "W.GREN.RGT.SS.RUM.1 18" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "18" served with the "Waffen Grenadier Regiment SS Rumänisch 1". Translation, "Rumanian-SS, Armed Infantry Regiment 1". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).

History: Despite resistance by Romania to support Germany's efforts in the East, RFSS Heinrich Himmler eventually succeeded in raising the "Waffen-Grenadier Division der SS Rumänisch Nr. 1" in 1944. Volunteers were hastily trained at a camp in Dollersheim, Austria, and within just a couple months 2 Romanian Regiments were pronounced "battle worthy". In March of 1945, the 1st Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment was rushed North into Stettin to assist Germany's efforts to stem the Red Army's advance into Pommerania. The Regiment was virtually destroyed in the ensuing battle.
SS1079 $150.00
E Latvian-SS Volunteer
Artillery/Signals Dog Tag

Stamped "1 NACHR ART LETT SS FRW DIV" on the obverse, and "113" on the reverse indicating the SS Man Nr. "113" served with the "1 Nachtrichten Artillery Lettisch SS Freiwilliger Battalion". Translation, "Latvian SS Volunteer Artillery Division, 1st Signals (Communications)". This is a zinc alloy tag with some minor corrosion and a lot of wear, but I can assure you it's much easier to read in hand than what can be seen in my scans.
SS1074 $100.00
F Estonian SS Volunteer (further "Narwa,, Btl.)
1/2 Dog Tag Indicating KIA

Stamped "5. E SS Ost 540 O" on the obverse, indicating the SS Man Nr. "540", with blood type "O", served with the "5. Estnische SS Ost". Translation, "Estonian SS-Freiwilligen Brigade, 5th Company East", which I believe fought with the 5th Waffen-SS Panzer Division "Wiking" who saw plenty action on the Eastern Front. This is a zinc alloy tag was dug so there's a lot of corrosion, so the text was enhanced with a black enamel (removable).
SS1067 $55.00
E++ LAH Formal Tea Cup Saucer by Hutschenreuther. Rare and highly sought maker! This measures about 160mm across and has almost all of the black border around the edge, this usually has turned grey. Also with a gold guilt inner border and intertwined LAH motto, 90% of the guilt remaining. There is some minor age darkening of the porcelain on the top. The rear is marked Hutschenreuther Lelb. Bavaria Fabrikdekoriert, with a Lion's profile and L.H.S. inside an oval. SSC460 $265.00
E++ Waffen-SS Beer Bottle with Porcelain Stopper.

This thick bottom bottle was "mold-blown" from a very dark olive green, or "black" glass as it's known historically. Black glass is probably the most desirable of all the colors because of it's resilience and protective qualities shielding the contents from the effects of UV light. The dark olive green color is indicative of a high iron content, an impurity commonly found in silica sand which is glass in it's natural and unmelted form. Darker colors were achieved by adding other substances including carbon, copper, iron, and magnesium. It's difficult to see in my photos because the glass is so dark, but if you look closely you might be able to see "SCH" in the top of an inverted triangle with "E" and "F" on the 2 sides. "GES" and "GESCH" is written diagonally on either side following the angle of the triangle's sides, with "UNVERKÄUFLICH" (NOT FOR SALE) across the bottom. Ges.Gesch. is short for "Gesetzlich Geschützt" which translates "legally protected" in the design is protected by law, or as some prefer..."patent pending". The bottom of the bottle is marked as well with "E 41" over "0 33" and the bottle maker's trademark(?) which appears to be an upper case "J". The stopper is made from another type of glass known as porcelain. Porcelain is a semi-transparent white ceramic more often referred to as clay, which it is, but it's closer to pure glass than any other ceramic material with a very high silica content and an extreme melting point at 2200 to 2550 degrees Fahrenheit. The stopper is glazed in white with "SS Waffen 1943" in green. Glaze is another form of ceramic glass used to seal porous ceramics as well as decoration. The stopper's black rubber gasket seal is still intact, but it's beginning to dry rot with a break on one side and severe cracking around the inside. The 2 piece zinc wire "Lightening-type) or "Swingtop" is attached to the bottle with 2 nipples in the thickest part of the neck, also referred to as the "finish."
SS832 $350.00
E+ SS Police Whistle. Made of black bakelite with the original ball inside. Teeth marks around the mouthpiece, works great! I was told by the Vet I bought it, and a lot of other pieces from, that he traded with an SS Police Officer for a pack of smokes. I don't know if it's true, but he had a good story. SS484 $125.00
E SS Garment Tag.

Stamped from aluminum with "10/3.SS-T.ST" over "046" over "Hoselang Grau". which translates " long pair of pants, grey". This was ground dug so it has some corrosion and pitting. Very rare garment tag, even in this condition.
SS421 $50.00
E SS foot powder. SS025 $25.00
E SS Vaseline tin. SS024 $30.00
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