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NM Jewish SS-Sonderkammando Dachau ID Tag.

"Sonderkommandos" were special work units of Nazi death camp prisoners who were forced to aid in the killing process of their own people during the Holocaust. They didn't participate in the killing themselves, that distinction was reserved for the SS guards. The primary function of the Sonderkommandos was to lead the prisoners to gas chambers (showers), then dispose of the corpses. They were forced into the position, but begrudgingly accepted it knowing it meant a few more days or weeks of life, and vastly better living conditions. The term it's self means "special command" as part of the vague and euphemistic German language which the Nazis used to refer to aspects of the "Einsatzgruppen" Final Solution.

This incredibly rare ID badge was crudely constructed from a 37mm brass disc stamped large SS runes, a large slash "/" and "5/51" stamped into the reverse. The obverse features a deeply struck Star of David with "SONDERKOMMANDO" underneath and a lighter struck "DACHAU" on the upper left edge.
SS1030 $2500.00
NM- SS M33 Honor Dagger with Genuine Damascus Blade by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen.

Most of the SS Honor daggers produced had the traditional silvered "scalloped" panel scabbard fittings as does this piece. The cross guards are the "raised-out" oak leaf type, finished in silver as well with very high relief, hand enhanced leaves and checkered acorns. All of the fittings on the scabbard and the dagger have developed a beautifully aged patina, something that the fakers just can't duplicate. Both cross guards are stamped "338" internally which is a bit rare, not all of the known examples have matching numbers. The tang is stamped "DAMAST" and "379" on the obverse. The tang numbers almost never matched the cross guards. The grip is a choice ebony example with literally no damage at all other than a few very faint dents on the obverse. The silver eagle is the "high neck" version with very crisp detail...rare for a piece that has definitely been handled. The runic button is slightly turned so the first rune sits a little higher. This is actually pretty common and gives the runes a sense of movement. The Damascus blade is still in near mint condition despite the fact that most of the gold guilt has rubbed away, which was very common for these pieces. The motto "Meine Ehre heist Treue" is raised out of the Damast as are the flanking oak leaves and the small oval Carl Eickhorn squirrel trademark from 1933-1935. Over all this piece is near mint, the tarnish and the loss of guilt on the blade are really the only indications of it's age.
NM SS Officer's Type 1 Chained Dagger.

This exquisite example from the Brant Murphy collection features solid nickel cross guards with precise accent grooves, internally marked "St." with the lower guard stamped "III" on the reverse.....which is not incorrect, a rumor some wannabe dagger "expert" idiot from one of the dagger forums seems to believe. Any SA, NSKK, SS EM, or SS Officer's dagger could have had a district stamp on the cross guard. To say this is incorrect and therefore a reason to suspect the authenticity of this or any other SS Officer's dagger is pure ignorance and a basic sign of stupidity. The ebony grip is perfect with no damage and a beautiful nickle eagle with an upturned beak. The details to the head, breast, wreath, and vaulted swaz are still very crisp. Both it and the runic button are perfectly fit although the button is set with a very slight rotation. The unmarked and untouched blade is nearly perfect with all the cross graining intact and no damage other than the typical runner marks. The anodized scabbard is straight and dent free retaining 99% of the original lacquer. The plated scabbard fittings are in near mint condition with no dents or damage other than some minor lifting on the reverse of the center fitting. The type 1 plated chain is incredible. The detail to the skulls and runes is sharp and crisp with some very subtle scratches...most of which are visible on the reverse. The runic link on the upper chain is stamped with inner twining runes inside a box. The chain clip is marked "D.R.G.M." and is the only part on this piece that shows some wear...some of the plating has flaked off on the reverse with some very minor rust on the interior of the clip it's self. Over all a very clean and honest piece, one of the best I've seen.
SS689 $5000.00
E+ SS M33 Service Dagger by
Robert Klaas of Solingen-Wald.

This early 1933-1937 Klaas dagger features a 22cm long blade with all of the cross graining intact, some very minor carbon spotting, subtle scratches, and typical runner marks. The obverse etched motto "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" (My Honor is Loyalty) is still crisp with a medium gray frosting. The reverse is acid etched with the Klaas "kissing crane" logo surrounded by "ROBERT KLAAS" and the firm's location in "SOLINGEN". Fitted with nickel plated cross guards, tang nut, eagle, and runic button, the hand carved ebony grip is still in excellent condition with minimal shrinkage, and no cracks, but there appears to be 2 small (filled) chips, one over the runic button and the other on the reverse over the lower cross guard. The reverse of the lower cross guard is stamped with a Roman numeral "I". It's believed that this marking signifies this dagger was an issue item as opposed to a private purchase item. Both cross guards are internally stamped "St." on either side of the tang hole. The nickle grip eagle is in near mint condition with minimal wear, but the runic button has some subtle scars with a couple tiny chips in the enamel. The original sheet metal scabbard retains 95% of the oxidized (anodized) finish and 40% of the protective lacquer coating. The Owner's initials "WP." are lightly scratched into the reverse finish, but they're not scratched into the steel shell. The plated throat and nickeled fittings are attached with 2 dome head screws, showing minor surface scratches and 2 shallow dents in the lower fitting ball. Over all this rare beauty shows typical wear, but no signs of tampering, neglect, or abuse.

The SS M33 service dagger was introduced on December 15 1933 for wear by all SS personnel regardless of rank. It was originally intended to be an ornamental item whose design was based on the traditional 16th century Swiss "Holbein" hunting dagger. The same design was also utilized by SA and NSKK personnel, but their dagger's featured different coloration and insignia. SS daggers were bestowed annually to newly accepted SS members at 10:00pm on the anniversary of the unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch of November 9th 1923 in front of the Feldherrnhalle in Munich. The original M33 daggers featured an oxidized (also referred to as anodized) steel scabbard with high quality nickeled fittings until 1937 when the manufacturers changed to cheaper painted scabbards plated fittings. During the course of the "Third Reich" there were 5 distinct SS daggers starting with the M33 dagger introduced on 12/15/1933, the "Röhm" dagger with an inscribed blade also seen on SA and NSKK daggers beginning 1934, the Himmler Honour Dagger with a dedication that read "In Herzlicher Freundschaft, H. Himmler" (In Cordial Comradeship, H. Himmler). It was introduced in 1934 after the "The Night of the Long Knives" and was presented to 200 members of the SS who took part in the purge. The SS Honour dagger of 1936 with a Damascus blade which was presentation to SS members who had been recognized for special achievements, and the M36 "Officer's Chained" dagger introduced in August 1936.
SS859 $2800.00
E SS M33 Dagger by the Troost-Wolf AG firm of München(?) with SS Man's Serial Number.

This example is one of the first RZM approved SS daggers to be produced for all ranks when the ReichZeugMeisterei (National Equipment Quartermaster) was official founded in June of 1934. The RZM had several responsibilities including design approval, assigning codes to approved manufacturers, contracting, standardization, distribution, and quality control. Starting in late 1934 items manufactured for the SS fell under the control of the RZM and so were often marked with the RZM logo and the manufacturer's contract code when appropriate. However......In 1943 the Waffen-SS assumed full control over production of their items including edged weapons.

This example is a little salty with signs of cleaning and restoration, but it's a "no brainer" when it comes to authentication. As some of you may already know, 121/34 daggers characteristically have fat body grips carved from ebony, a feature that most SS daggers don't have. Typically they are of the finest construction with nickel silver fittings and blued or oxidized scabbards which is the case here, but the scabbard has been repainted with a black enamel. As is correct for the this particular model, the grip is carved from black ebony which tends to be somewhat brittle and prone to cracking if the pommel nut is over tightened. Unfortunately this appears to be the case as there is a large chip at the bottom right corner on the front, a crack at the bottom left on the front, and several more minor flaws and chips to both sides near the cross guards....all of which is clearly visible in my photos. The runic button and eagle are in excellent+ condition. Both are set tightly into the grip with no signs of damage or restoration/repairs. The early nickel cross guards are heavily tarnished with no damage other than some minor surface scratches, but there are a few minor scars on the pommel nut, probably from being turned with a pliers which is a common and unfortunate problem that we see far too often with SS and SA daggers. The reverse of the lower cross guard is stamped with the SS man's serial number "71646" which really adds to the value of this piece. With a little help from an SS researcher like Robert McDivitt at it might be possible to trace the original owner if you want to take a chance and go to that expense. The blade is in excellent- condition with most of the cross graining still visible, but there are some minor scratches, runner marks, and dull patches that appear to be from cleaning...probably with something like a very fine 000 steel wool. The cross graining is still intact, but the 50% of the surface has lost it's original sheen. It may be possible to restore it with a little buffing, but I'm not going to risk causing further damage to the cross graining so I'll leave that decision up to the buyer. All of the gray etch frosting is still intact in the motto and the maker's mark on the reverse so I'm certain the blade has never seen a polishing wheel, but it does appear as though it's been cleaned with a fine abrasive. The reverse is etched with SS runes in a double circle over "121/34" with the RZM logo below...."121" being the contractor's code and "34" being the year of production. The number "121" has been attributed to the Troost-Wolf firm but there is some argument as to whether or not this is correct. Most US dagger "X-spurts" will tell you that the maker who was assigned this contract number is unknown, but my research has uncovered 3 separate European based sources who have attributed this number to the Troost-Wolf firm. The scabbard is straight and rust free, but there are 4 very small dimples on the reverse and the original blued (also referred to as oxidized or anodized) finish has been covered with a black enamel paint. The nickle scabbard fittings are in excellent condition with no damage, but they are heavily tarnished with minor surface scratches and the screws on the lower fitting show signs of being removed. As I explained, this piece is a little rough with signs of restoration, but it appears as though it's been well cared for with out causing irreversible damage that would depreciate it's value even further.
SS894 $2000.00
E++ RARE SS Officer's Lion's Head Sword
with Early Portapee.

This is an early piece with the heavy brass hilt fittings and 80% of the very heavy nickle plating remaining. Incredible hand enhanced detail to the pommel fittings with a closed winged eagle and an exquisite lion's head featuring beautiful green emerald eyes. The perfect black celluloid handle has a 3 strand copper wire wrap, 2 singles border the center twisted wire, with remains of the nickle silver plating on all. The blade is 33 inches long with very minor wear scratches. Complete with a rare early bullion portapee, tied correctly but I doubt it is original to the sword. The black enameled scabbard is straight and dent free with 99% of the finish intact with minor spidering and a few chips near the tip. The scabbard throat is marked 542. Pristine original example that none of the BIG Dagger Dealers have had a chance to alter yet. Get a100% original example while you can.
SS692 $4500.00
E++ SS-Polizei Officer's Sword by F.E.Holler of Solingen.

The German ornamental dress sword or "sabre" was first introduced in WWI evolving from age old traditions that date back hundreds of years when functional edged weapons represented strength and power. Following Hitler's rise to power in 1933, the reintroduction of conscription in March of 1935 brought about a wide variety of new designs to outfit military personnel of the ever growing Third Reich. Originally, SS and Polizei personnel carried Army style swords with a gold finish which were later modified to a silver finish like the early SS Pantherhead Sword SS955 listed above. Following his appointment to the newly created position as "Chef der Deutschen Polizei im Reichsministerium des Innem" (Chief of the German Police in the National Ministry of the Interior) in 1936, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler introduced new regulations that brought about uniformity in dress for all Polizei personnel through out the country. New uniform regulations included a distinctive sword designed specifically for wear by SS-VT or SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS Special Purpose Troops), Polizei, and (Feuerschutzpolizei (Fire Protection Police) personnel.

Officer and NCO swords were made available for wear by all SS-VT and Polizei personnel with minor variations dependent on the individual's rank and branch of service. Sword knots, also known as portapees or troddles, were originally designed to function as a strap that held the edged weapon to the soldier's wrist during hand to hand combat, but with the evolution of the "dress sword", these functional attachments evolved into ornamental accessories available in a multitude of designs, again, each corresponding to the individual's rank and branch of service.

By examining the elements and accessories on this sword we can easily determine that it would have been carried by an SS Polizei officer. The the nickel plated hilt features an extremely rare and desirable fluted pommel nut with raised SS runes that retain 95% of the black enamel finish in the back ground. The nickle plating suffers from very minor lifting through out with tiny rust spots from the steel base metal below. It actually looks much better in person that what your seeing in my photos...most of the dark spots are just tarnish that could easily be cleaned away, but I prefer to leave my items in "as is" condition unless I feel more corrosive damage is eminent. The ebony grip retains 95% of the black lacquer and all 13 polished nickel silver wire wraps which are held in place with a thin nickel plate spine. The intensely detailed Polizei grip emblem was struck from brass and finished with a burnished black enamel, most of which is visible in the background between the National eagle and oak leaf wreath. The nickel plated drop forged steel blade is near mint and absolutely beautiful with no significant scars or damage other than very faint surface scratches that will be difficult for most people to see with the naked eye. Holler's "thermometer" trade mark is crisply stamped into the reverse ricasso with 2 tiny carbon spots near by. the original white leather buffer pad is intact, but it's cracked clean through on one side...typical for leather that has shrunk over the decades. The steel scabbard is straight and dent free with 85% of the black enamel and protective lacquer overcoat intact with typical age spidering and flaking. The scabbard throat fitting features another element that makes this beauty distinctly "SS". If you look at my photos you'll see intertwined SS runes in a clipped corners box, a marking that tells us the scabbard was intended for an "SS Polizei" sword. Both scabbard fittings show minor wear from use, but most of the plating and burnished black enamel finish is intact with no rust or signs of ever having been removed. The SS Officer's sword knot really adds "bling" to this piece, not to mention value. We collector's use to be able to pick these up for as little as $700 or $800 4-5 years ago, but the only "authentic" example I was able to find on the internet sold for $1170 a couple years ago, and the condition was crap compared to this near mint beauty.
SS979 $3800.00
NM- SS NCO Sword by Peter Dan Krebs Solingen.

Nickle plated sword and scabbard fittings all retain 99% except the lower grip ferrel. It's a beauty with great detail to the acorns and leaves but no plating remains. The grip has 13 rings and retains about 50% of the original black enamel. Both the handle and lower ferrel show honest wear from being held, other than that, this piece is in incredible shape. The blade is a real beauty, nearly flawless matte finish with a few minor gray age spots. These could be removed, but why! The Dan Krebs 2nd style crab inside a shield maker's mark is crisp and clear. The scabbard retains 98% of the original black enamel paint with minor spidering and typical chips on the drag. There isn't a dent or ding on the piece. Very rare to find an original piece in this condition! These NCO pieces are becoming very hard to find.
SS423 $1675.00
E- SS NCO Sword Pommel Cap.

85% of the original nickle plating remains with minor dings. Nice raised runes with 100% of the black background finish remaining. This has a 16mm threaded post. A very hard to find sword part!
SS426 $175.00
NM- Cased SS 8 Year Service Medal.

Hitler introduced a series of 4 SS long service medals in January of 1938 for members of the SS-Junkerschulen, SS-Totenkopfverbände, and the SS-Verfügungstruppen. The series included the 1st class in gold for 25 years, 2nd class in silver for 12 years, 3rd class in bronze for 8 years, and 4th class in black for 4 years.

This is a beautiful example of a very rare and highly collectable SS award. The obverse features small SS runes encircled by a raised oak-leaf wreath which is superimposed over a large swastika. The reverse reads "FÜR TREUE DIENSTE IN DER SS" (FOR LOYAL SERVICE IN THE SS) superimposed over a large numeral 8. Both sides retain 70% of the brown finish with mild wear to the wreath, text, and other high points. This particular medal appears to be the Deschler version with the beveled jump ring soldered directly over the runes with the correct "erratic" background pebbling. It measures 38mm in diameter and 3mm thick with a 3.5cm by 12cm ribbon. The tear-drop suspension loop is lightly soldered at the bottom as is correct for these awards. The paper hinged leatherette case is near mint with no damage other than a couple worn out corners and a few minor surface scratches...impressions that don't cut into the paper. Over all a beautiful example of a rarely seen SS treasure....especially with the original case.
SS800 $1200.00
NM- SS 4 Year Long Service Medal.

4th in a series of 4 long service medals, the 4 year service award was intended for EM and NCO personnel only. The 8, 12, and 25 year awards were available for all other ranks, but personnel serving with the Allgemeine-SS and SS-SD (Security Service and Police) were not eligible.

Die struck from a bronze alloy with 75% of the oxidized finish intact. The design features SS runes inside a laurel leaf wreath on the obverse and a large numeral 4 under "FUR TREUE DIENST IN DER SS" (For Loyal Service in the SS) on the reverse. It measures 38mm in diameter and 3mm thick with a 30mm cornflower blue ribbed satin rayon ribbon. The suspension ring is the correct tear drop shape, as is the beveled eye. Lightly worn with a very subtle oxidation on the outer edge.
SS957 $500.00
E+ Allgemeine SS Flandern Cufflink
by L.Zoll of Antwerp... in Flemish "Antwerpen"

There seams to be a bit of controversy regarding the wear of this cuff link, but most seam to agree it was worn by Germanic Allgemeine SS Troops in Flanders while off duty or while wearing civilian clothes.

Stamped "L.ZOLL" over "ANTW." on the reverse, this rare cuff link was die struck from German Silver (nickel) with a thick black enamel inlay surrounding a nickel swastika.

You can read more about this rare cufflink at the forum.
SS1094 $500.00
E- Flemish SS Women's Lapel Pin

This lapel pin came to me with the veteran acquired cuff link SS1094 listed above, so I'm assuming it's origin is Flemish as well, but I haven't been able to confirm my theory yet.
Measuring only 45mm in length, this dainty little pin was exquisitely constructed from "German Silver" (nickel) and set with a 9mm black gem stone engraved with a white enameled swastika.
SS1032 $200.00
E+ SS Membership Badge by Karl Gutenkunst of Oranienburg.

Membership badges like this one were introduced to SS members for wear on their civilian clothing. This badge is roughly the same size as a common NSDAP badge measuring 24mm (7/8" inch) in diameter with a spring pin. The reverse is marked with an RZM circle and "M1/4" for the Gutenkunst firm on the top and "GES GESCH" below. Ges.Gesch. is short for "Gesetzlich Geschützt" which translates "legally protected" in the design is protected by law, or as some prefer..."patent pending". It was stamped from brass or tombak with a silver plate, 99% of which is still intact with a lot of tarnish and green corrosion on the reverse. The black and white enamel is 100% intact with no damage other than some very minor scratches that can only be seen with a jeweler's loop.
SS960 $500.00
E SS Personnel Lapel Badge.

Lapel pins like this one were introduced to SS members for wear on their civilian clothing. This pin is quite large measuring 16mm (5/8" inch) in diameter with a 5cm (2" inch) pin. It's stamped from brass or tombak with a silver plating, 90% of which is still intact with a lot of tarnish, most of which is on the reverse. The black enamel is 100% intact with no damage other than minor scratches. Over all a little salty, but undeniably 100% authentic.
SS961 $400.00
NM- SS-Förderndes Mitglieder (Supporting Member of the SS) Lapel Pin. In 1926 early SS leader Joseph Berchtold introduced the concept of recruiting sponsors to raise funds for the SS. In the beginning they were not necessarily full members of the SS, but they supported the aims of the organization by donating a specific sum of money. Their donations were recorded in personal membership books. As their donations reached a certain level these supporters were rewarded with various items like this pin, car pennants, flags, armbands, etc. featuring SS runes superimposed over the swastika with F M on either side. As the SS expanded in the early 1930s, many secret supporting members in the business and the academic world were persuaded to become full members. This particular pin is constructed from silver with black enamel. The reverse is stamped with the district(?) "A" then the supporter's number "41678" on the top with "GES. GESCH" on either side of the pin, and "DEZCHLER.MCH.N.9." across the bottom. Ges.Gesch. is short for "Gesetzlich Geschützt" which translates "legally protected" in the design is protected by law, or as some prefer..."patent pending". There is mild tarnish on both sides and the enamel work is nearly perfect with no damage. SS717 $350.00
E++ 1934 SA/SS Ski Badge.

Silver plated with beautiful workmanship and a 4 color enameled design. The reverse features a simple spring pin held with a round plate stamped "C.POELLATH SCHROBENHAUSEN." The Badge reads:
Deutsche und heeres- (German and Army)
Skimeisterschaften (Ski Championship)
Berchesgaden 7.-12.Jev.1934
SA.uSS.Ski-Meisterschaften (SA and SS Ski Championship)
A very rare and beautiful badge was awarded to champion participants of the 1934 SA and SS Ski competition in Berchesgaden in 1934.
SS693 $450.00
NM SS/SA Treffen Badge, type B.

Solid piece with 95% of the original silver wash remaining. Minor corrosion showing under the pin.
M299 $95.00
NM SS Winter Charity Campaign
Contribution Badge.

Made of brown plastic with dark green highlights in the shape of a Greek/Roman sun with a Swaz in the center. Himmler helped design the 10 different badge styles. Refer to pg.108 of Robin Lumsdens "The Allgemeine SS". These donation campaigns were organized by SS Gruppenführer Erich Hilgenfeldt. Marked Sirnau/WTTBG., U.M. 600 , Alamannisch. With it's original tie string! Rare!
SS463 $45.00
NM Rare SS Dusseldorf Plaque.

Octagonal shape, die struck from tombak, 2 13/16 inches wide. "I/20 W-S-S-ZIELFAHRT-ZUM-RHEIN DUSSELDORF" in raised text around the outer edge with the artist's name "Jan-Weller" in the lower right front corner. A helmeted man rides a horse in the center with a beautifully SS shield below. It has perfect black enamel and 95% of the original nickle plating remaining on the runes. The back is semi hollow and stamped "ADAM DONNER ELBERFELD" There are 2 holes on either side for mounting. Very rare and attractive piece.
SS472 $795.00
E+ SS Grave Marker.

This rare aluminum marker actually marked 2 graves. The first was occupied by SS Obergefreiter Robert Link born 2-1-1909 and killed on 13-4-1445. The 2nd grave was occupied by SS Sturmmann Alfons Serzisko born 19-9-1925 and killed on 3-4-1945...only 20 years old. A rare find that I believe should have remained on the grave site, but one of our boys obviously felt compelled to remove it so it's now being made available to you.
SS680 $200.00
NM SS Officer's Formal
Dinner Jacket Button.

Multi piece construction die struck 800 silver front and aluminum back plate marked "Hochfeine Qualitat, A-18M" Extremely crisp detail and extremely rare!!!
SS403 $195.00
NM- SS Pith Helmet Shield Set.

This rare pith helmet insignia appears to be unissued despite the obvious age. There's no damage or signs of use, just typical fading to the enamel and a faint corrosion spotting which is common for aluminum. The Party shield is maker stamped "J.F.S. 43" in raised text while the runic shield is stamped "J.F.S. 42" The red and black enamel on the Party shield is a little thin and faded from the years. The runic shield shows some very mild flecking, but the color is still strong. The last set that I listed sold for $400.00 the same day I listed them, and the party shield was missing a prong. Several other clients asked for them before I had a chance to mark them sold, so for those of you who were disappointed having missed out on the last's your chance to have an even nicer pair of extremely rare SS pith shields.
SS768 $450.00
E Early SS/SA Visor Cap Eagle.

Stamped from bronze with 80% of the tarnished silver finish intact with no black enamel in the swaz. The upper prong is gone and it appears to have been on a cap.
SS578 $50.00
NM- RARE SS Norwegian Visor Cap Eagle.

Stamped from silver with a very heavy tarnish from age. The shield is finished with a clear red enamel. Although the lower prong is slightly bent to the side, I believe this piece was unissued. A rare find and a perfect addition to you SS insignia collection.
SS576 $300.00
E+ 1st Pattern Allgemeine SS Cap Skull.

This old Imperial "Danziger" style Totenkopf skull (AKA jawless skull) was first adopted by the SS "Stabswache" (Headquarter Guards) in 1923 for wear on their "Tradition Uniform" kepis. This jawless design can be traced all the way back to the 1st and 2nd Prussian Leib-Husaren Regiments who wore it on their "busby" style caps in the early 1800s. The SS continued to utilize the Danziger skull when their black kepi which was introduced in 1925 and a bit later under the national eagle insignia which they added in 1927. In 1932 the kepi was replaced with the black service visor, but the SS continued to use the same skull and eagle until 1934 when the new "2nd pattern" SS skull and cross bones was first introduced. Later in 1936 the new SS pattern eagle was introduced completing the notorious insignia set of the Waffen-SS which was worn through-out the duration of the war.

This early example was struck from brass with what appears to be a very heavily tarnished silver wash, 30% of which is still intact on the obverse with 90% remaining on the reverse. Both brass prongs are still intact and strong, but they're slightly bent which tells me it was mounted to a cap at one time. There are no maker's markings of any kind, but this is not unusual for very early insignia such as this. The skull's left eye and nostril holes are a bit off, as if the skull was turned slightly clockwise when the skull's features were cut.
SS918 $175.00
M Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troop) Edelweiss Insignia

Intended for wear on the Bergmütze and M43 caps, this rarely seen insignia was machine embroidered with yellow and silver/gray rayon thread on a black wool backing.
SS1111 $250.00
E+ Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troop) Edelweiss Insignia for wear on the Bergmütze and M43 Caps. SS1031 $200.00
NM- Type II Edelweiss Cap Device for the Dienstmütze der Jägereinheiten.

Marked RZM M1/52 on the reverse. 10% of the original silver wash remains on the front, 90% on the reverse.
SS246 $75.00
M SS Panzer EM/NCO'S Trapezoid M43 Cap Insignia.

1st pattern BeVo design on rayon. This rare cap insignia features an SS eagle over a Totenkopf skull with dual rows of teeth. Machine embroidered in silver/gray on a woven black trapezoid, unfolded, still on the original factory strip, and never sewn to a cap. The Totenkopf shows incredible detail with black thread accents to the cranium, eyes, nose, and mouth. The trapezoid base is about 1 3/4" tall and 2 5/8" wide at the top edge tapering down to 5/8" wide at the bottom edge. The eagle shows precise detail as well with a 2" wingspan. A beautiful unissued piece with no damage other than some minor creases from being folded up....easily ironed out if desired.
SS770 $350.00
M SS EM/NCO Tropical Cap Skull.

BeVo Totenkopf cap skull in tropical tan on a black rayon backing. Absolutely perfect with no wear or damage.
SS869 $275.00
M SS/Police BeVo Cap Eagle.

Machine embroidered white Police eagle on black rayon. Unissued and in mint condition.
SS522 $100.00
NM SS Schuma/SD Flat wire Bullion Cap Insignia.

This is a very nice machine woven bevo patch that has been on a hat and was cut off very nicely with a lot of the machine sewn attaching thread remaining. Authentic examples are rarely found!
SS475 $135.00
NM+ SS NCO Collar and Shoulder Strap Tressing.

Machine woven white rayon and aluminum flat wire threads. Five feet long and 9mm wide with the correct diamond pattern attributed to the SS. Very hard to find in this length and condition!
SS962 $100.00
M SS Gruppenführer und Gen. Lieutenant 2nd pattern Collar Tab, right side.

Beautifully hand embroidered aluminum bullion on fine velvet with the style of bullion pip shown on page 49 of Jack Angolia's "Cloth insignia of the SS" 2nd edition. Fine 3mm aluminum piping, hand stitched with heavy black cotton thread. Textbook Buchram backing is 99%! Most important- it's THIN! The great repros are too thick. Of course it black lights (no glow) and passes the burn test.
SS385 $700.00
M SS Brigadeführer Collar Tab. Screw back for a white service tunic. Beautifully hand stitched bullion oak leaves on a pristine velvet backing. Nice heavy buckram backing with 4 brass screws posts complete with all 4 nuts. Incredible and from the Brant Murphy Collection. SS490 $700.00
F Oberführer Oak Leaves
Cut from the collar tabs.

This was a beautiful set, my guess is the wool was badly damaged, possibly eaten away by moths, so the leaves were cut out. Great for viewing the construction, and still nice for display.
SS496 $55.00
E+ Waffen-SS Obersturmbannführer
Collar Tab Set

This matched set features a textbook runic tab hand embroidered in silver bullion thread over an off white card board template. Like the runic tab, the rank tab is trimmed with a 2mm twisted silver piping and backed with fine buchram. The rank tab features 4 silvered pips and 1 silver (aluminum) flatwire rank stripe, all of which are darkened with carbon and tarnish. They appear to have been sewn to a tunic with remnants of the period black cotton thread still intact.
SS1092 $1500.00
E- SS Officer's BeVo Flat Wire Collar Tab Set.

This late war variation is a bit controversial because several forum "X-spurts" and many inexperienced collectors refuse to believe they were authorized or manufactured during the Third Reich period. I've never seen another tab offered as an original or reproduction, but I was able to find another example of this exact same design pictured on page 104 of Peter Lukacs' "Waffen SS Uniforms and Insignia" and a similar example on page 44 of Robin Lumsden's "SS Regalia". The materials used in the construction of this set are all recognized as correct and from the Third Reich period...aluminum flat wire embroidered on a satin rayon backing with a stiff buchram backing. This rarely see variant set is perfectly matched with a fair amount of wear and evidence that they were sewn onto a tunic.
SS978 $650.00
E SS Latvian Untersturmführer Collar Tab set.

Very fine bullion "sun and stars" sewn onto a heavy wool backing. Both tabs have a couple of moth holes, but appear to be unissued with no evidence of being sewn on. The right tab still has remnants of an RZM tag. This is a perfectly matched set that has obviously always been together. From the Brant Murphy Collection.
SS492 $550.00
M- Waffen SS Grenadier Division Dirlewanger EM Collar Tab.

Although Dirlewanger never reached true division size, it was given division status and their own collar insignia. Made up of mainly poachers and criminals, this division was utilized as a terror unit behind the lines. Constructed from black wool with a fine buchram backing. Silver gray embroidered crossed riffles and grenade below. Some very minor staining to the wool on the front but other than that this piece is still mint and in unissued condition.
SS761 $250.00
NM Waffen SS Niederland (Dutch) SS EM Collar Tab.

Members of the Division "Landstorm Niederland" initially wore a metal flaming grenade cypher on their right tab but it is also believed that some personnel concurrently wore the "Wolfsangel" insignia which was a hold over from the Freiwilligen-Legion Niederland. Vertical this tab was worn by Legion Niederland, horizontal by Brigade Niederland. Constructed from black wool with a fine buchram backing. Silver gray embroidered Wolfsangel with the recognizable Dachau made white line running around the perimeter on the reverse. Other than a small spot of glue on the buchram from being mounted, this piece is mint and unissued.
SS634 $250.00
M Waffen SS Horst Wessel EM Collar Tab.

Dachau made, machine embroidered silver gray cotton on black wool with a fine buchram backing. Mint and unissued.
SS519 $175.00
M- "Maria Theresia" 22.SS Freiwilligan-Kavallerie-Division (Volunteer Calvary Division) Collar Tab.

The 4.Reiter-Regiment (later renumbered the 18.Reiter Regiment) wore the "cornflower" collar tab for a very short period of time from August to November 1943 when it was incorporated into the 8th SS Calvary Division "Florian Geyer". Formed in April of 1944 from the 8th SS Calvary Division, the 22nd SS Calvary Division "Maria Theresia" was primarily made up of "volunteer" (most were actually conscripted) Hungarian personnel with a calvary regiment named "3.Reiter-Regiment", which was later renumbered the "17.Reiter-Regiment". RFSS Heinrich Himmler didn't consider the 22nd to be a "racially pure" SS Division so Hungarian personnel were forbidden to wear the same SS runic tabs worn by German personnel serving with in the division. The "Maria Theresia" cornflower design as we see here was adopted by the 22nd in April of 1944 when the division was formed. The honor title "Maria Theresia" refers to the Hungarian Queen who ruled for a short period of time in the mid 18th century.

This tab appears to be Dachau made, constructed from a thinner late war wool in black with a fine buchram backing reinforced with a glue made from animal bi-products. The design features a silver/gray machine embroidered cornflower with the "Dachau" white thread stitched around the perimeter on the reverse.
SS977 $225.00
M Waffen SS Latvian EM/NCO Collar Tab.

The 15. Waffen-Grenadier Division der SS Lettische initially wore a blank tab on the right, then on March 11 1943 the 15th division utilized the "Fire Cross" or swastika until it was discontinued, but it was still worn by it's sister division the 19th. In the autumn of 1944 the final insignia for the 15th division was introduced depicting the sun and stars. Dachau made, constructed from black wool with a fine buchram backing. Silver gray embroidered sun and stars with the recognizable Dachau made white stitching running around the perimeter on the reverse.
SS804 $165.00
M Waffen SS Italian EM Collar Tab.

Initially members of the Grenadier Division Italienische NR.1 wore red collar tabs with either runes or the "fasces" symbol, a bundle of reeds. On June 15, 1944 the color change to black was authorized for bravery shown during the allied Anzio landings.

Constructed from black wool with a fine buchram backing coated with a water soluble glue. Silver gray embroidered fascist bundle with 2 recognizable Dachau made white lines running around the perimeter on the reverse. No wear is visible at all, this piece is still mint and unissued.
SS632 $150.00
M SS Bullion Slip on Shoulder Board Rank Stripes.

Silver aluminum bullion with the "diamond" pattern, attributed to the SS, sewn onto black wool. The edges are fraying some, but these are mint and unissued. A rare find, for the "other ranks" style board.
SS430 $65.00
M Allgemeine SS Shoulder Board with RZM tag No. 337434.

Backed with a high quality doe skin wool with a stiff card board and flexible metal reinforcement plate. This board features twisted piping for the rank of SS Mann to SS Sturmscharführer. Mint and unissued, absolutely perfect!
SS583 $250.00
E++ Waffen-SS Artillery Obersturmführer Shoulder Board Set.

These are slip-on type boards constructed with a silver/aluminum "Russia Braid" chord and a red rayon waffenfarbe on a black wool backing. These beauties are in excellent condition with minor wear from use and no damage other than 1 prong missing from one of the gold washed rank pips.
SS860 $750.00
F+ SS Officer's Flatwire Sleeve Eagle.

BeVo like aluminum wire machine embroidered on black a rayon backing. This piece has obviously seen some use. There's a little damage to the tip of the right wing, but other than that it's complete and undeniably authentic. A very difficult piece of insignia to find that I've seen listed for as much as $15000 for an example in mint condition.
SS749 $450.00
E+ Early 1935-1938 SS EM/NCO Sleeve Eagle.

This first pattern SS sleeve eagle was made available for private purchase to EM/NCOs for wear on their walking-out dress uniforms. It was officially introduced for wear by the RZM in 1936, but has been seen being worn by Sepp Dietrich and others as early as the summer of 1935. Machine embroidered gray thread on filed gray wool with remnants of the original thread used to sew it to the tunic still intact.
SS781 $250.00
E++ SS Italian Officer's Bullion Sleeve Eagle.

This is beautifully hand embroidered aluminum bullion on a black wool, Himmler's order post June '44. The eagle looks to the left and has the Fascist reed bundle and ax clenched in it's talons. It has a dark blue/black paper backing, very "wrinkled". This has been sewn on and shows minor wear to the aluminum bullion and is a little ragged around the edges-but hey, these things are very rare! Reference pg.240 Littlejohn's Foreign Legions Vol. 2. RARE! From the Brant Murphy Collection.
SS454 $395.00
E+ Italian SS Sleeve Eagle.

Machine embroidered red, white, and black cotton thread on field green wool with a black linen backing.
SS541 $120.00
NM SS Polizei Sleeve Diamond.

Silver gray Bevo on black ribbed wool. Dachau made, and unissued. Has glue and paper on back from being displayed. Priced right!
SS488 $150.00
M SS Polizei Sleeve Diamond. Gray embroidered Police eagle and runes on black wool. Mint and unissued. From the Brant Murphy Collection. SS494 $500.00
NM SS Race and Re-settlement-branch of the German Nationhood Sleeve Diamond.

Silver gray embroidered Flower on black doeskin wool with remnants of the glue still remaining. Unissued with minor soiling from the years. RARE-and guaranteed AUTHENTIC!
SS279a $295.00
M SS Race and Resettlement EM Sleeve Insignia.

Machine embroidered with silver gray on black wool. Dachau made and 100% original!
SS146i $245.00
M SS Medical Officer's Sleeve Diamond with RZM Tag.

Absolutely beautiful hand stitched bullion serpent and staff with cotton detailed eye and tongue on a dark gray wool backing. Paper RZM tag is numbered 399378. From the Brant Murphy Collection.
SS498 $400.00
M SS Medical Orderly EM/NCO Sleeve Insignia, variation.

Machine embroidered with silver gray cotton thread on black wool. Dachau made and 100% original!
SS146C $95.00
E- SS/SD Officer's Sleeve Diamond.

Hand embroidered twisted silver bullion on black wool with a fine buchram backing. This piece has seen some use with most of the fuzz worn off, but complete and a nice example of a very collectable diamond.
SS542 $100.00
M- SS/SD EM/NCO Sleeve Diamond.

Silver gray thread embroidered on fine black wool. Very high quality construction, with a minor moth "chomp" on one edge. Minty!
SS367 $175.00
M SS Technical Sergeant's Sleeve Diamond.

Machine embroidered silver gray cotton on black wool. Mint and unissued.
SS517 $150.00
M SS EM/NCO Armorer Sleeve Insignia

Machine embroidered with silver gray cotton thread on black wool. Dachau made and 100% original!
SS146e $100.00
NM SS EM/NCO Qualified Signal Personnel Sleeve Diamond.

Machine embroidered gray cotton thread on black wool. Typical Dachau construction with no evidence of wear. Near mint and unissued condition with minor soil from being handled.
SS767 $95.00
M SS Veterinarian EM Sleeve Insignia.

Machine embroidered with silver gray cotton thread on black wool. Dachau made and 100% original!
SS146D $90.00
M SS Farrier EM Sleeve Insignia.

Machine embroidered with silver gray cotton thread on black wool. Dachau made and 100% original!
SS146a $100.00
NM SS NSB Dutch Officer's Sleeve Diamond.

This is a RARE and absolutely beautiful piece worn on the left sleeve of members of the Dutch NSB (Nationaal Socialistisch Beweging) founded by Anton Adrian Mussert in 1931 while he was a mid-level civil servant. Influenced by the Italian Fascists, the movement evolved into a Nazi style party, anti-semitic and anti-communist in nature. At the end of the war Mussert was tried for treason because of his collaboration with the Nazis and he was hung in May of 1946. Multi piece construction from red and black wool, symbolizing the "blood and soil," a belief the NSB shared with the Nazis. The raised triangle is trimmed in a hand embroidered gold bullion with a Wolfshook in the center. This symbol was derived from the Germanic Wolfsangel, a magical symbol which was supposed to be able to frighten off wolves. It was also used by the SS Division Das Reich and by late war the "Werewolf" units.
SS620 $300.00
E+ SS Galician Sleeve Shield.

This incredibly rare shield features the pre 1944 golden rampant lion of Galicia on a light blue field with 3 gold crowns, machine embroidered with silk thread on a satin/rayon backing. This shield was worn on either the right or left sleeve just below the sleeve eagle. This particular piece is unissued and in excellent condition with some minor soiling from the years. The 14 Waffen-Grenadier Division of the SS was formed in 1943 and was composed of anti-communist groups in southern Poland and the Ukraine and were used primarily against the Partisans. Visit my documents page to see some incredibly rare Ukrainian Youth recruitment posters from the Ukrainian Nation.
SS682 $200.00
M SS French Volunteer Sleeve Shield by the BeVo firm of Wuppertal.

Machine embroidered red, white, blue, and black French shield on a dark green rayon backing. Mint and unissued, extremely rare in any condition!
SS374 $135.00
M SS Dutch Volunteer Sleeve Shield.

Dachau made piece with orange, white, and blue embroidery on a black wool backing. Textbook construction and stone mint. 100% authentic period piece.
SS361 $95.00
E+ SS Dutch Volunteer Sleeve Shield.

Dutch made shield with orange, white, and blue on a black wool backing. Minor mothing on the edge in a couple of places, barely noticeable. Rare foreign made shield!
SS359 $150.00
NM- RARE SS Lebensborn Armband with 2 ink stamps.

Constructed from white linen with a printed Red Cross, Runes in a double circle, and "Lebensborn" below. The entire armband is covered with tiny rust colored spots. Some one found a box of these a while back. We've only seen a few, but every one has had these same spots as well as evidence of a pin on the end. Each one has also featured a Reichsführer SS stamp on the front and a Gau Kinderheim stamp on the reverse.
SS569 $575.00
M SS Armband or Brassard with Cloth "156/36" RZM Tag. (SS Kampfbinde).

Since it was first created, Hitler saw Rohm's special body guard units the "SturmAbteilung" or SA as a threat to his political power because of their lack of loyalty. In 1923 he decided to develop his own personal guard from loyal SA members which he called his Stabswache (Headquarters Guard), but these men were ultimately under the control of the SA so they were eventually disbanded and a new body guard the "Strosstrupp Adolf Hitler" (Shock Troop AH) was formed in 1923. Following the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 and a 5 year prison term, Hitler saw Rohm and the SA as an even greater threat so he asked his most trusted comrades to create yet another body guard the "SchutzStaffel" or SS which was comprised of former members of the Strosstrupp Adolf Hitler. The SS was formed completely separate from the SA, and were implemented to one day off set the power of the SA. SS and SA personnel were outfitted with the same traditional brown shirt uniforms so the SS made several changes in their attire as a means to differentiate themselves. In April of 1925 one of these changes was made when the SS introduced its own version of the standard NSDAP brassard by adding 2 black stripes at the top and bottom edges. The SS brassard was also worn on early field gray uniforms and Political or "Allgemeine SS" black service tunics until it was eventually replaced with the "SS-VerfügungsTruppe" or SS-VT (SS-Special Purpose Troops) sleeve eagle in May 1936. The SS-VT eventually evolved into the Waffen-SS (Armed-SS) in December of 1939 following the invasion of Poland in September of that same year.

This beauty is absolutely mint with no damage at all other than a musty smell which is quite common and expected for 65+ year old wool. The red band is constructed from an exquisite and incredibly soft doe skin wool. Full length and unsewn, I seriously doubt if it was ever worn. The roundell, swastika, and borders are all constructed from a ribbed satin rayon. The reverse bears a single RZM tag constructed from black rayon with the RZM logo, the maker's contract code number 156 over the year 36, and SS runes in a double circle...all of which are machine embroidered in a light silver/gray rayon. A perfect example of a very desirable piece of SS insignia that's getting more and more difficult to find...especially in this condition.
SS910 $700.00
NM SS-Stammabteilungen (SS Reserves Unit) Armband.

This gray bordered armband was worn by SS personnel over the age of 45 on reserve status with the Allgemeine SS who were assigned to supplementary reserve companies or SS reserve units. Worn for only a short period of time, at least until the SS separated from the SA, discontinued by mid 1937.

3 piece red linen band with a machine embroidered BeVo like white roundel, black swastika, and gray borders. Absolutely beautiful condition and a very rare band you don't see every day.
SS963 $295.00
NM 10.SS-Panzer-Division Frundsberg BeVo EM/NCO's Cufftitle.

Originally established in February of 1943 as the 10.SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division, then renamed 10.SS-Panzer-Division Frundsberg in October of that same year. This Waffen-SS Panzer Division saw action on both the Western and Eastern Fronts in Russia, Normandy, Holland, Ardennes, and Germany, eventually surrendered to the Russians in May 1945. The honor title Frundsberg refers to 16th Century German Knight and military commander Georg von Frundsberg. One of the rarest pieces of SS cloth, this cufftitle was introduced in late 1943. Produced only in the machine woven form by the BeVo firm of Wuppertal, it was woven with a dull gray/tan or off white thread rather than the pale mouse gray thread typical of most other BeVo titles. The reverse has the correct salt and pepper pattern, a consistently sized thin dotted line at the border, and loose threads between the letters. A beautiful near mint example with no damage other than some very minor soil from being handled. Measuring about 19.5 inches long with folded over machine sewn ends. Other than the 12.SS Panzer-Division Hitlerjugend cufftitle, this is perhaps the most scarcely encountered cufftitle among the first 15 established SS Divisions.
SS841 $3500.00
M SS Deutschland Officer's Bullion Flat wire Cuff Title.

This is a mint unissued title I purchased from Bob Hritz. 7 strand bullion borders, sewn over ends, and perfect machine embroidered aluminum bullion text. The back of the motto is covered with black material, hand sewn on with a single strand of aluminum wire. This one is as good as they get!!
SS479 $2975.00
NM- SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 3 "Thüringen" Officer's Cufftitle.

Commanded by Theodor Eicke, the SS-TV (SS-Totenkpfverbande) was created in 1936 to staff the concentration camps, which at this stage were used to hold political prisoners and similar undesirables. This branch was originally comprised of 5 battalions that were re-organized in 1937 into these 3 regiments: 1 Oberbayern at Dachau, 2 Brandendurg at Buchenwald, and 3 Thuringen at Sachsenhausen which by December 1937 had grown to 7 battalions.

Introduced in 1937, this exquisitely hand embroidered bullion version features 7 strand aluminum flatwire borders. The aluminum wrapped threads are slightly oxidized from exposure to humidity with some very minor flaking and some crud on the reverse, but it's still near mint and in amazing condition considering it's age. A rare find indeed, especially with dual paper RZM tags.
SS1018 $2550.00
NM SS Götz von Berlichingen BeVo Cufftitle.

BeVo cuff title in near mint and unissued condition with some minor yellowing and soil Sewn over ends with "BEVO WUPPERTAL" visible on the fold. Look close at the back, you'll see the characteristics that only original BeVo titles display. Textbook salt and pepper construction, a consistently sized dotted line at the borders, and the loose gray threads between the letters. This is a tough one to find, especially in this condition.
SS981 $1575.00
M Reichsführer-SS BeVo Cufftitle.

In May of 1941, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler’s Headquarters recruited SS personnel to form a special "Begleit-Bataillon Reichsführer-SS" or Escort-Battalion. After proving itself in battle at Corsican in February of 1943, the battalion was upgraded to brigade strength and was re-titled "Sturmbrigade Reichsführer-SS" which translates to an Assault Brigade. In October of 1943 this unit was expanded to divisional status and was given it's final title "16.SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Reichsführer-SS." Personnel from this division were awarded an honorary cufftitle reading "Reichsführer-SS" which was authorized for wear by all ranks.

Measuring 17.25 inches long, this is a textbook BeVo Wuppertal title machine woven from black and mouse gray rayon with Latin script. The reverse features the correct salt and pepper pattern, a consistently sized thin dotted line at the border, and loose threads between the letters. The ends are unsewn with minimal fraying...typical of this and other models like the Horst Wessel listed below.
SS840 $1500.00
M- Florian Geyer BeVo NCO Cufftitle for the 8.SS-Kavallerie-Division (8th SS Cavalry Division).

Authorized on 17. March 1944, this textbook BeVo cufftitle is machine woven from rayon with light grey text and borders. Measuring 19.25 inches with machine sewn over ends and the maker's trademark"BEVO WUPPERTAL" visible on the underside at the right end. If you look close at the back you'll see all the characteristics that only original BeVo titles display...A textbook salt and pepper pattern, a consistently sized thin dotted line at the border, and loose gray threads between the letters. A beautiful mint example with no damage other than some very minor soil on the reverse.
SS838 $1500.00
M SS Rienhard Heydrich Bevo Cuff Title.

Folded and sewn ends, maker marked Bevo Wuppertal. Full length, unissued, and very nice. Guaranteed 100% original!
SS399 $925.00
E++ 4th SS-Polizei Panzergrenadier Division Cufftitle.

The SS Polizei Division was formed on October 1st,1939 as "Polizei-Division" which was transferred into the SS on January 1st, 1941 and officially taken over by the Waffen-SS on February 24th, 1942. After a variety of splits and reunions it was eventually upgraded to a Panzergrenadier Division in 1943 as the 4.SS-Polizei Panzergrenadier Division. Although this was a full fledged Panzer Division, their cufftitle simple read "SS-Polizei-Division".

Machine woven from black and mouse gray rayon with Latin script. The reverse features the correct salt and pepper pattern, a consistently sized thin dotted line at the border, and loose threads between the letters. It appears as though this piece was sewn to a tunic as there are several tiny snags or frayed areas along both if it was loosely sewn to the cuff by hand rather than machine. Fortunately the ends were not cut, and one of them still bears "BEVO WUPPERTAL" on the fold.
SS912 $1450.00
M SS Adolf Hitler BeVo Cuff Title.

Textbook BeVo title in mint and unissued condition. Sewn over ends with "BEVO WUPPERTAL" visible on the fold. Look close at the back, you'll see the characteristics that only original BeVo titles display. Textbook salt and pepper construction, a consistently sized dotted line at the boarder, and the loose gray threads between the letters. 100 % Original, here is your chance to own a wonderful Cuff Title from the most elite Division in the Waffen SS.
SS567 $1100.00
M SS SD Officer's Bullion Cuff Title with RZM tag.

Unissued with both ends folded and sewn, 1 end has a paper RZM tag sewn under it. Full length with 7 strand aluminum bullion borders. I bought this one from Bob Hritz, guaranteed original!
SS401 $495.00
NM SS-Abschnitt Officer's XI (Koblenz) Cuff Title with RZM Tag # 012892.

Hand sewn bullion text with a 7 strand wire border. The text shows a little age but this title appears to be unissued with no damage.
SS571 $795.00
NM SS Sub-District 2 Bullion Cuff title with a paper RZM tag.

Hand embroidered "2" with 7 strand aluminum flatwire borders. The bullion is slightly oxidized from exposure to humidity, but it's still Near Mint and 100% original. A rare and collectable find despite the fact that this is not a highly desirable title...priced accordingly.
SS308b $645.00
NM SS National Automobile Competition patch.

Beautiful machine embroidered flatwire eagle with black cotton thread details an off white satin/rayon., slightly yellowed from age but still in mint unissued condition.
SS042 $125.00
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