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M "Reconstructed" 10 Place Ribbon Bar.

One of my customers purchased this piece from a well known internet dealer who sold it as an original for $200.00. I contacted the dealer myself to discuss how he could make such a claim but his only explanation was that he has ribbon bars like this one made from original and post war parts. After examining it more closely I determined that there are some original ribbons and devices, but I still can't understand why he is able to sell them for so much. I did a little shopping on the internet and found another web site that sells made to order bars at $11.00 per component (ribbon or device) so a bar like this one with 22 components would cost you a whopping $242.00!!!

This bar includes the following awards:

WWI EK 2nd Class with 1939 Bar
WWI EK 2nd Class with Ribbon Bow and Imperial Crown with Swords
War Merit with Swords
NSDAP 25 Year 1st Class with gold device
Heer 25 Year Long Service with 2 gold devices
SS 25 Year Long Service with gold device
West Wall Medal with device
Czech Occupation with device
Prague with Castle Bar/Swords
Spanish War Cross, no device
R149 $100.00
M- Deluxe Dagger Hangers with Belt Loop.

This is a very nice reproduction dagger accoutrement, but I'm not sure what they were intended for. My first guess was Polizei, but to my knowledge all Polizei daggers were suspended from the belt by a leather frog. I was going to try to research them, but I already have more work than I can handle on my own so I decided to list them in the hope that someone out there would recognize them. They're well made with bright green felt backs,(synthetic) gold tops with dual brown stripes, and gilt hardware featuring oak leaf motifs.
R154 $40.00
M- Complete Reproduction Uniform and Visor for an SS LAH Oberst-Gruppenführer hand tailored by the Janke Firm of Germany.

This incredible set includes everything you need from the flared riding breeches to a high peaked visor cap. The M36 style dress tunic is constructed from Janke's own ribbed polished cotton/wool fabric along with a dark green wool collar and a beautiful brown satin lining. It was neatly finished with all the correct insignia including Oberst-Gruppenführer shoulder boards, hand embroidered bullion collar tabs, sleeve eagle, and Adolf Hitler cuff title. The breeches are the most beautiful reproductions I have ever seen. Exquisitely tailored from a polished cotton/wool fabric complete with a watch pocket, adjustment belts straps, and suspender straps. The Visor is a beauty as well complete with a nice insignia set featuring red fabric behind the skull's eyes. Some of the medals displayed on the M36 dress tunic are reproductions so they're available at a very fair price if you want to dress it up, but they're not included as part of this grouping.

Sizes are as follows in US inches:

Tunic- Chest 40, Sleeve 18

Pants- Waist 32, Inseam 28
(remember these are breeches so the cuffs end on the calf).

The visor is marked 58cm which equals 22 3/4 inches.
RC152 $1000.00
NM- Reproduction M36 Tunic for an SS-Totenkopfverbänd Sturmbannführer by Janke(?). Constructed from a field gray/green combat wool this is a very high quality M36 tunic complete with all of the correct insignia including a fantastic hand embroidered bullion TK collar tab and matching sleeve diamond, brown KL piped shoulder boards, a very convincing hand embroidered bullion sleeve eagle, and a 2nd class EK ribbon at the 2nd button hole. RC153 $750.00
NM+ Reproduction M36 Tunic for a Hauptsturmführer in the 3.Waffen-SS Totenkopf Panzer Division.

I'm not certain, but this appears to be one of Janke's newer models with lots of extra goodies including a white cotton collar liner, pink Panzer piped shoulder boards, a hand embroidered bullion TK collar tab, a hand embroidered TK cuff title, a hand embroidered bullion sleeve eagle, a hand embroidered bullion former SS Polizei sleeve diamond, a silver tank destruction badge, and a sniper's badge.
R151 $600.00
NM+ Reproduction Assault Gunner's Tunic & Trousers for a Sturmbannführer in the Waffen-SS Totenkopf Artillery Division. This incredible M40 style Uniform was made by the Janke Tailoring Firm in Germany from his finest field gray combat wool. It's complete with very high quality insignia including a hand embroidered bullion TK collar tab, 4 pip rank tab, a hand embroidered bullion TK cuff title, flatwire sleeve eagle, and artillery piped (red)Sturmbannführer shoulder boards. The tunic is a US size 40 and is partially lined with a rusty brown ribbed cotton. The trousers have a 34 inch waist, a 32 inch inseam, and are lined with a olive brown ribbed cotton. All the buttons, adjustment straps, and belts are intact and functional. Perfect for reenacting or a wonderful addition to your display at an affordable price. If you are in need of an Officer's visor to go with this beauty, we can easily locate one for you. If you don't want the trousers I'll knock $100 off my price and offer them with R151 above. R137 $700.00
NM Reproduction Waffen-SS Panzer Officer's "Army" style Overseas Cap with Hand Embroidered Bullion Insignia. I believe this convincing and incredibly well made cap was crafted by the Janke tailoring firm of Germany. It's constructed from officer's grade black wool with flat wire aluminum braid piping that has dulled from age with some minor wear and fraying to the wire. The hand embroidered eagle and skull are convincing, incredibly well done with exquisite detail. They show some very minor darkening from age, but show no wear or damage. The two steel vent hole rivets only retain about 10% of the black enamel paint but there's no signs of rust or corrosion. The gray HBT cotton liner shows minor wear around the lower edge with some sweat staining so I assume it was worn by a re enactor. Stamped "Franz Ritter vorm. Carl Roth Dettingen" over the date "1940" with the size "59" below in black ink. R129 $300.00
M SS Artillery Piped Crusher by Janke with an Otto Zillmann Trademark. A newer example probably made in the last 2-3 years with no wear. Approximate size 57. R140 $250.00
M SS Infantry Piped Crusher by Janke with a Carl Roth Trademark. A newer example probably made in the last 2-3 years with no wear. Approximate size 56. R139 $250.00
E Reproduction Dr. Fritz Todt Badge of Honor. Screw back version struck from a zinc (gray metal) alloy with minor wear and a lot of tarnish so it appears to be quite old. The detail is still crisp but there are some very minor flaws to the black enameled swaz. R130 $45.00
NM Reproduction "Alter Kampfer" 1939 Gau Danzig Commemorative Badge. This badge was die struck from a light weight zinc alloy gray metal with a gray oxidized finish. It's a very sharp looking piece with incredible detail to the oak leaf wreath and acorns with erratic background pebbling behind the swaz and Danzig shield. Textbook German spring pin attached to the rear with minor wear to the factory lacquer on both sides. Reproductions of this badge are very common, but they fail to have the incredible craftsmanship seen in this example. R131 $30.00
NM+ Zeppelin in Chicago 1933 badge. This is a very nice piece that I believe to be original, but it's been given the thumbs down by those who believe they know more than I so I decided to put it on my repros page to avoid further scrutiny. Brant purchased this piece from a US Veteran's estate auction in Colorado Springs in 2000 with several other pieces his widow said he brought home from the war so I believe in her story more than the self proclaimed experts who claim to know all...even though many of them have never purchased a single item from a capturing vet. It's die struck from tombak (alloy) with what appears to be a silver plating on the obverse. The white enamel is absolutely perfect and of very high quality, something you rarely see in cheep reproductions and another reason why I believe this piece was German made. This isn't exactly the type of badge you'd expect to see in this quality if it was just a repro...why go to the expense for something that holds so little value? The text reads "WELTAUSSTELLUNG ZEPPELIN TAG CHICAGO 1933." with 2 tiny swastikas on the 2 rudders. Maker marked in raised text "C.T.D. Ges. Gesch" on the reverse. It features a textbook German spring pin with mild tarnish and wear on the reverse. Note: ges.gesch. is short for "gesetzlich geschützt" which translates "legally protected" in the design is protected by law, or as some prefer..."patent pending". R132 $100.00
M- Reproduction Panzer Officer's Breast Eagle. Very high quality construction on a black wool felt backing with 2 types of silver bullion (aluminum) and tan cotton thread details on the chest and wings. This is a very well done and convincing piece complete with a dark purple/black paper backing. R133 $30.00
M Reproduction Bevo SS DAK Sleeve Eagle. High quality white bevo on cotton backing. Very nice high quality example! R104 $25.00
M Reproduction SS Bevo Cap Eagles still on the strip. High quality white bevo on cotton backing. R102 $25.00
M Reproduction SS EM sleeve eagle. High quality white embroidery on wool backing. R038 $25.00
M Reproduction SS white BeVo-like Totenkopf skull with paper RZM tag. R073 $25.00
Repro SS Officer's Bullion Cuff titles:

A. Der Führer.
B. Der Führer.
C. Germania with RZM tag.


E. Landstorm Nederland.
F. Hitlerjugend.





Reproduction BeVo and Embroidered Cuff titles.
A. Theodore Eicke BeVo.
B. Götz Von Berlichingen BeVo.
C. Frundsberg Embroidered.
D. SS-Führerschule Tölz Embroidered.
E. SS Schule Braunnschweig Embroidered.
F. 49 Embroidered.
M- Reproduction "West Wall" Ring. I've seen and even sold some of these in the past, but they were pretty cheesy in comparison. This one is cast in silver with incredible detail and what appears to be "835E*" followed by a trademark stamped on the interior band. The white crud you see in my photos looks like a polishing compound and can easily be cleaned away. Measures 21mm across the interior band. R145 $50.00
M- Skull Pinky Ring. There's not much I can say about this one other than it's too small for either of my pinky only measures 15mm across the interior band. Cast from zinc(?) and plated with a "tarnished" finish. The band is split in the back for adjusting but it's so thick I'm not certain it can be bent with out breaking it. An odd piece that came to me in a small collection of "souvenirs" so I decided to throw it on my repros page. R146 $20.00
M Reproduction Kreigsmarine Helmet Decal Net. This set includes a gold colored National eagle for the Kreigsmarine and an early Weimar tri-color shield. R062 $15.00
NM Complete Reproduction SS Obergruppenführer Uniform including Brown Shirt, Breeches, Aguillette, Cross Strap, and Visor. This exquisite reproduction uniform was manufactured by the Janke Tailoring firm in Germany with no insignia except for the Obergruppenführer's shoulder chord. The tunic, breeches, and visor are all constructed from Janke's finest black Trikot wool with a black satin lining. Professionally completed with very high quality reproduction insignia including matching hand embroidered Obergruppenführer collar tabs, a red wool SS armband...not attached, and a visor cap device set. There's a "KUHN & NAPNAU MÜNCHEN" tailor's tag inside the left inner breast pocket of the tunic, but no size markings. The tunic, breeches and shirt fit me perfectly at 5'9" with a 44 inch chest and 34 inch waist. The visor has a Richard Lutz trade mark in silver under the sweat diamond, an embossed trademark on the left side of the leather sweatband, and a paper name tag marked 58(size in cm). As you can see, everything you need is here except the belt, buckle, and boots....which I can get for you if you like. RC138 $1500.00
NM Complete Reproduction SS Totenkopfverbände Standartenführer Uniform and Visor. This exquisite reproduction uniform was manufactured by the Janke Tailoring firm in Germany with no insignia except for the shoulder chord. The tunic, breeches, and visor are all constructed from Janke's finest black Trikot wool with a ribbed rayon lining and grey pin striped silk sleeves. Professionally completed with very high quality reproduction insignia, including matching hand embroidered double Totenkopf collar tabs and a 3rd pattern SS-Totenkopfverbände cuff title with gothic text. There's an early Rock SS RZM tag inside the left inner breast pocket of the tunic, but no size markings. It fits me perfectly at 5'9" with a 44 inch chest. The breeches have a 34 inch waste with the same Rock SS RZM tag sewn to the underside of the back pocket. The visor is fairly large, probably a 59 or 60. Marked with a beautiful tailor's trade mark in gold under the cracked sweat diamond, with an embossed trademark on the left side of the leather sweatband. There's plenty of loops on the left breast for a large ribbon bar and decorations. The belt is not included. RC135 $1,500.00
NM Reproduction Waffen SS Obersturmbannführer Totenkopf Panzer Uniform. This is a beautiful high quality tailor made Waffen SS Panzer Wrapper, pants and M43 cap, made by the Janke Firm of Germany. The entire set is made from Janke's own high quality Officer's grade trikot wool. The wrapper is a 40 regular and complete with matching hand embroidered bullion Totenkopf tabs, Totenkopf cuff title, bullion sleeve eagle, and ORIGINAL pink rayon piped Panzer shoulder boards. The matching Panzer trousers have a 34 inch waist and 32 inch inseam. The Panzer Officer's M-43 cap is complete with a matching flat wire eagle & skull with silver piping, marked size 56. None of the medals, boots, or accouterments are included. RC125 $1000.00
M Reproduction Waffen SS Totenkopf Division M36 Tunic. Constructed from a field green wool with a partial liner made from a tan polished cotton. Complete with everything you'd expect to see on an authentic M36 tunic. Size 44, stamped with the dimensions inside the right lapel: 44 48 108 72 66 M40. Dark green wool collar with a single hook at the throat, and finished on the reverse with a field gray/green cotton, heavily reinforced with multiple lines of thread. Hand embroidered EM skull tabs and full bullion diamond tressing around the collar. The white piped shoulder boards are also trimmed in the same bullion tressing. Machine embroidered sleeve eagle and a hand embroidered Totenkopf cuff title to finish it off. This one is a real beauty, mint and never worn. R124 $500.00
M Reproduction Wehrmacht Officer's M-36 Artillery Tunic. This piece is a very high quality M-36 tunic produced by the Janke tailoring firm in Germany. Constructed from Officer's tricot material and fully lined with a beautiful rayon material. Dark blue/green collar with original officer's collar tabs which are hand embroidered in bullion with red piped center stripes. It also features original sewn in Lt. shoulder boards, red piped, and an original hand embroidered bullion breast eagle. French cuffs with fully lined sleeves just like the originals. This uniform is in mint condition and has never been worn a real beauty that would fool most "experts". Size is a 42 regular. R111 $600.00
NM Reproduction Waffen SS M44 Style Blurred Edge Camouflage Field Blouse for an Obersturmführer. Constructed from a heavy reversible summer/fall cotton material with a minimal partial satin lining. The right sleeve sports a bright green camouflage Obersturmführer's rank stripe while the left sleeve has a very nice machine embroidered eagle in white thread on camo material. All the original buttons are intact. This beauty is brand new and ready for wear. R136 $150.00
M Reproduction SS Camo Tunic. Non reversible 5 pocket style tunic with period metal buttons maker marked R.K. Very nice re-enactor's piece that looks almost real!!!! RC100 $125.00
NM Reproduction Joachim Von Ribbontrop White Summer Visor. Possibly original, this visor is beautifully constructed from a ribbed white cotton with a black wool band. It features an original Erel marked leather sweat band, vulcan fiber bill, and gold bullion chin strap. The repro hand stitched gold bullion insignia and gold bullion piping is outstanding although the eagle was sewn on right through the lining. The lining is a beautiful off white satin with an Erel maker's stamp in silver and a xeroxed Von Ribbontrop signature under the celluloid diamond burned on the edges to give it that aged appearance. This one is an excellent example with some original parts that fooled the last owner who unfortunately was taken in by the crook who sold it as an original. R115 $300.00
M Reproduction Waffen SS Officer's Visor. Constructed from a very high field gray/green tricot wool with white wool piping, a black wool band, with a beautiful bullion chin strap. Very high quality eagle and skull stamped from zinc with a beautiful bright silvered finish, both are indistinguishable from original insignia. Leather sweat band is burnt orange, with a tan rayon lining, and a silvered maker's stamp under a cellion diamond. The size is about a 56. Perfect cap for reenacting or to fill that hole in your collection. RC116 $250.00
M Reproduction Waffen-SS Panzer M34 Cap. This is one of the finest reproduction Overseas caps I've ever seen. Complete with a Totenkopf button, embroidered eagle, and cloth RZM tag. The black cotton lining is stamped with white ink size 60 and VA 1938 inside a square. R123 $195.00
M Reproduction Waffen-SS Face Veil for Snipers in Oak "A" Pattern. Nicely constructed with an SS-BW stamp. RC126 $100.00
Reproduction Campaign Cuff titles.
A. Metz 1944 Bullion with Russia Tress and RZM tag.
B. AFRIKA Bullion with Russia Tress.
C. KRETA Embroidered.
Reproduction RFSS Cuff titles.
A. RFSS Fine wire weave.
B. RFSS Heavy wire weave.
NM Reproduction SS Ubungslager Dachau cuff title. Nice hand embroidered aluminum bullion with 7 strand edging. Very well made repro with minor soiling. R098 $45.00
M Reproduction SS Rune collar tab insignia. White bevo on black rayon backing. R040 $20.00
M Reproduction SS EM hat eagle. High quality white bevo on cotton backing. R041 $20.00
M Reproduction SS bevo sleeve insignia. High quality white bevo on cotton backing. R037 $20.00
M High quality Reproduction BeVo-like Totenkopf skull. Tan rayon skull on black rayon backing. R118 $35.00
M Reproduction SS shield with RZM and smaller shield. Bevo grey thread on black rayon. R011 $20.00
E Reproduction SS Deutschland slip on cyphers. This is one of the finest repro jobs I've ever seen, great for completing that tunic if you can't afford the real thing. R101 $20.00
M Reproduction Deutsches Afrika Korps Sleeve Shield. Absolutely beautiful shield embroidered on a tan cotton backing. R109 $40.00
NM Reproduction Sniper badge, 40 kills. Nice bevo on machine embroidery on satin backing. R022 $20.00
NM Reproduction Sniper badge, 20 kills. Nice bevo on machine embroidery on satin backing. R021 $20.00
NM- Reproduction Blood Order with Button Hole Ribbon. This is a very nice heavy piece with beautiful detail and a smoke finish to simulate tarnish. The ribbon has some minor soil adding to the "antique" look. Perfect for the re enactor or the collector who can't afford an original. R125 $150.00
NM Reproduction Anti-Partisan Badge in Silver made in Hungary. This outstanding copy is fooling a lot of collectors so take a good look. Type A, this badge is struck from zinc with a semi-hollow back with a barrel hinge, needle pin, and wire clasp all correctly mounted. When comparing this beautifully aged example to an original you will notice that the serpent's scales have too much detail and the lowest right hand serpent's tongue is a bit too sharp and not split open as far as an original. Although the swaz on the sword hilt is twisted, it's not enough and the left side is worn a bit to make it look as though it's twisted more. The skull's eyes are a bit too round, his teeth too fat, and his forehead too narrow. If you don't have a real one to compare this too you will be fooled, it's a beauty! R114 $125.00
E+ Reproduction Anti-Partisan Badge in Silver. Heavy solid backed badge cast(?) in zinc with a needle pin and wide "C" clasp. Beautiful crisp detail with 90% of the silver rhodium finish intact. A beautiful example that fooled the collector who sent it to me for authentication. He claims he bought it on Ebay for $900.00. R141 $150.00
NM Reproduction Anti-Partisan Badge in Bronze. A thin hollow backed example stamped from bronze with a dark burnished finish and a broad pin. An obvious copy but still a beautifully detailed piece that will look great on your tunic if you can't find...or afford the real thing. R142 $100.00
NM Reproduction Combat clasp in bronze. This clasp is a perfect replica, so good even the "experts" can't tell. This is a very good example of what's being made in Hungary. R106 $50.00
NM Reproduction Black Tank Strip for 1 destroyed. Nice long strip with backer plate and wool. Beautiful detail to the tank, a nice copy. R105 $40.00
E++ Post War Assembled Luft Pilot's Observer Badge. Original parts, semi cupped gold wreath and silver eagle riveted on. Good looking hinge pin and catch. R095 $55.00
E Post War Assembled Luft Air Gunner/ Flight Engineer Badge. Die struck original parts from pot metal with 10% of the original wash remaining. R093 $45.00
NM Post War Assembled Luft Wireless Operator/ Air gunner Badge. Die struck original parts from pot metal with 90% of the original finish remaining. Marked L/58 on the back. R092 $45.00
NM Reproduction Luftwaffe Observer's Badge. Multi piece cast pot metal. Looks good! R091 $45.00
E+ Reproduction Bomber's Clasp Repro. Collectors copy, very well made. R082 $25.00
E Reproduction Hungarian Party pin marked Redo, Ges. Gesch. Note: ges.gesch. is short for "gesetzlich geschützt" which translates "legally protected" in the design is protected by law, or as some prefer..."patent pending". R060 $10.00
M- Reproduction SS Officer's Ring with an "SS" and "900" Silver Stamp. Constructed from silver with a black enameled face. This ring came to me as an "original" after I insisted my "friend" take back the fake SS Officer's Dagger Chain he traded to me...which I hear he's been selling on Ebay for years so watch out. They look good in his photos but once you have one in your hands you'll realize you got burned. He also sent R144 below claiming it's an "original" (pfffft!) along with a laughable SS LAH Officer's cuff title and few other pieces of crap. Be careful out there. If it looks too good to be true it probably is. In my opinion this ring is a bit to feminine for a man, but it's a larger size measuring 19mm across the interior band. R148 $150.00
M- Reproduction SS "Anti-Partisan" Ring. A nicely detailed piece made from silver featuring a TK skull framed with long thin cross bones intertwined with serpents that make up the band. Unlike anything I've ever seen....another so called "authentic" piece from my so called "friend" so beware if you see one of these on Ebay. Measures 21mm across the interior band. R144 $100.00
E Reproduction SS Officer's Honor Ring. This was probably a fairly decent copy when it was first made, but it's seen a lot of wear over the years. I'm not sure what the metal content is....probably nickel and some other compatible alloy. Measures 20mm across the interior band. R147 $50.00
NM Reproduction SS Ring. I believe this piece is constructed from silver because it's tarnished quite a bit since I bought it over a year ago, but it's too shiny for German silver and might just be plated The enamel work is very tight with Meine Ehre Heist Treue on either side. Size 10. R126 $50.00
NM Reproduction SS Danzig ID tag. R043 $20.00
M Reproduction Police ID disk R068 $15.00
M Reproduction National Shield helmet Decal. R108 $10.00