Some of the Third Reich collectables on this web site may be offensive to some people. The Third Reich Depot has no affiliation with any future, present or past political party, military organization, or religious order. The items presented here are authentic World War II relics from the Nazi Party, offered to other enthusiasts, collectors, historians, and educators.

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E+ Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring "Vollzugsmeldung" (Execution Report) Grouping. This incredible grouping includes 4 separate reports each signed off by Göring himself. I recently sent these out to a friend of mine who is a well known document and signature expert who confirmed they are indeed the real thing. He told me that the signatures are not only correct, but the letterhead, paper, type face, and overall nature of the documents themselves make them undeniably original, rare, and very desirable. In fact, it has been suggested that these documents may have been intended for use as damaging evidence against Göring at the Nuremberg trials. In these 4 reports Göring listed the names of numerous Luftwaffe men who were guilty of crimes that included desertion or cowardice. Crimes that were worthy of severe most cases death. He also made several references to the conduct of the war i.e. the co-operation of the Luftwaffe with the SS and the Wehrmacht. He made several references to anti-tank units to be set up by the Luftwaffe etc. My friend also pointed out the dates of the Reichsmarschall's orders, being late 1944 to early 1945 it all tallies up, as does the style of the writing of the documents including the type writer itself which is a military issue with the SS runes key! Each of the 4 reports begin with a cover page trimmed in gold with Göring's letterhead, numbered "11, 3, 6, and 8." Report #11 includes 12 pages with Göring's signature and some more illegible scribblings at the Sütterlin Schrift. Reports 3, 6, and 8 are 1 page with information on both sides and Göring's signature on the back of each. And finally one of the nicest parts about this grouping, there are 6 pages of translations in English stapled to the back. I'm not certain who did this, but they are done on an old US made typewriter so I think it's possible these documents were intended for use at the Nuremberg trials. L241
NM Framed Promotion Document for SS Justice Official Wilhelm Bonatz-Zum Oberregierungs- Und -Kriminalrat. Dated April 20 1944. Beautiful document with a gold guilt eagle at top and a deeply embossed eagle inside a wreath in the lower left corner numbered 3298 in pencil. There's a facsimile Hitler signature in purple, and an authentic H. Himmler signature. The document has been folded and has some minor soiling spots, but remains in very pristine condition otherwise. Rare high end award document! L168
NM+ Very Early (Pre WWII) Appointment Document for Sturmführer Alfred Rodenbücher signed by Heinrich Himmler.

This document reads:

Department: Reichsführer-SS
München, den 14. September 1931
Sturmführer Alfred Rodenbücher in Kiel, Northern Germany.
1. I appoint forthwith him to SS-Sturmbannführer (Major).
2. Appointment valid as of 10.September 1931.

Alfred Rodenbücher held the rank of SS-Gruppenführer (Major General) from June 1st 1939 until April 30th 1941. He was the Commander of SS District Alpenland (Austrian Alps). An "Old Comrade" who was awarded the Gold Party badge along with all of the SS long service awards! A very rare and very significant document....with Himmler's signature in black ink.
NM+ Thank you letter from Heinrich Himmler to his friend Jakob Sprenger with Himmler's signature in black ink.
The letter is typed on Himmler's personal stationary and reads:

Der Reichsführer-SS
Tgb.Nr. RF/Hö
Berlin, SW II, den 22.4.39
Dear Party Comrade Sprenger!
For your friendly Easter greetings, as well as the members of your staff who signed, my best thanks to you.
Signed: "PG (Party Comrade) H.Himmler"

Jakob Sprenger was an "Old Party Comrade" holder of a Gold Party Badge and the Blood Order. He was an SA-General and a member of the Reichstag. He committed suicide in Wiesbaden on 20.4.1945.
NM+ Thank You Card from Heinrich Himmler to his friend Jacob Sprenger.

Dated Oktober 1939. This heavy paper card is simply a printed thank you for wishing Himmler a Happy Birthday on 7.10.1939. Apologizing for not being able to send him a personal thank you in a way more appropriate to an old comrade, due to his heavy work commitments.

Signed: "PG (Party Comrade) H.Himmler" in black ink.

At this stage Himmler was chief of the SS & Police as the campaign in Poland was just ending.
Jakob Sprenger was an "Old Party Comrade" holder of a Gold Party Badge and the Blood Order. He was an SA-General and a member of the Reichstag. He committed suicide in Wiesbaden on 20.4.1945.
E- SS Polizei Poster from occupied Poland in the District of Radom. Printed in German and Polish, this poster measures 27 1/2" x 24 1/2" inches and is a bit faded from the years with some minor tears/holes on the upper fold. This poster reads:


On march 11th 1944 in Tschenstochau at the Krakauer Street, close to the railroad crossing bridge, by occasion of a bandit control Hauptwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei SCHIMMEL was shot at and seriously injured by a bandit.

Furthermore there have bandits in occasion of a tried weapon robbery on March 19th 1944 at the Hedwigstreet in Tschenstochau seriously injured a guardsman of an air defense unit by two shots out of a pistol, when he defended himself.

In analog usage of my proclamation from December 5th 1943 through these crimes the amnesty to 20 death sentenced criminals (crimes after §§ 1 and 2 of the law for fight against attacks on the German built-up of the Generalgovernment from October 2nd 1943 (Verordnungsblatt (law journal) Nr. 82 from October 10th 1943)) was withdrawn and this concerned:


1. Blaszczyk ......

The sentence was executed to the mentioned persons Nr. 1-10 on March 25th 1944 in Tschenstochau close to the place where the guardsman of the air defense unit was attacked, to the mentioned persons Nr. 11-20 at their actual place of custody.

Radom, march 27th 1944....

This is a very rare document kept by a relative of one of the executed, recently sent to the states along with the recruitment posters offered below.
E++ SS Infantry Galician Division Recruitment Poster. Printed in Ukrainian, this poster reads: Attention: About organizing a new SS Infantry Division in Galicia. Ukrainian Youth! I turn to you with special attention and request: I want to encourage and ask you to join a new SS Infantry Division which was created in the sunrise of the big day, popular and well known wisdom of blood and honey, the beginning of the new Ukrainian history.....continues in this style. Measures 16 1/4" x 11 1/2" inches. SS504
E SS Infantry Galician Division Poster. This poster introduces the Ukrainian Nation to the newly formed SS Infantry Division. It Translates to: Now the long expected moment for the Ukrainian Nation comes. The Ukrainian Nation may be able to combat against the biggest enemies, Moscow and Jewish Bolsheviks. The biggest leader of the German Nation agreed to form a separate volunteer Ukrainian army unit under the new name Halyczyna (Galicyjska) Infantry Division. We have to utilize this historic moment. We have to arm our hands, because our nation's honor and national interest require this action. All involved in uprising movements become the officers of U.G.A. (Ukrainian SS Infantry Division) Measures 16 1/4" x 11 1/2" inches. SS505
E+ SS Ukrainian Youth recruitment poster. This poster translates:
All the European Youth is trying to help the German Air Forces.On the streets of German cities and villages appear the large quantities of Ukrainian, Russian, Tatar, Lithuanian, Belarus, Latvian, etc. underage youth students dressed in similar clothes as helpers of the air forces. On the left sleeve they wear the color triangle patch and the symbol of their nationality. They also wear the triangle with SS symbols. German Air Forces made them a part of their forces letting them wear SS Uniforms. Later, this chosen youth will participate in the liberation of their Nations in different divisions of the SS. This had an important meaning for mobilizing European Youth and its contribution of rebuilding a new Europe. Participation of the youth in this movement gave them the privileges, certificates of participation and achievements. There are 4 different kind of certificates. Each of the participants after 2 years of involvement in the service can request to be a member of the SS. Measures 15" x 11 1/2" inches.
E++ Ukrainian Youth Recruitment Poster. This poster translates: Ukrainian Youth have been given the chance to fight Bolsheviks together with other European Youth. All those youth too young to participate in front battles can join the SS Youth groups. The school duties, and curriculum programs will not be neglected. The participants learn at army camps. You can participate in the program on a voluntary basis. All the youngsters will be housed in very well organized and comfortably furnished army camps. They will have the same accommodations as German youngsters.Ukrainian Parents! When your son approaches you and asks your permission to join the SS Youth groups, give your approval and say agreed! There are two things very important in the life of a teenager (15-20 years old) It is the education process and other youngsters. In SS Camps your son will have all that. Can you supply all these requirements at home? The Ukrainian Nation needs such people. You have to admit that serving at SS Youth groups will not only benefit your son, but your nation. Measures 15" x 23" inches.
E++ SS Propaganda Manifesto by Standartenführer Bottcher of the Radom District. The proclamation calls for those of German origin (One parent must be German) to report for registration in the German Nationality list. The translation is as follows:
Appeal (Call , Call-up)
In the course of the last centuries German colonists have moved to the east to live on their own homestead, to cultivate the land and form it in a German way. Due to the national politics of Poland and especially due to the economic pressure from the Polish state and the situation in the Reich, these people have felt that they were abandoned and left to stand alone. During the political struggle, which was mainly conducted on the economical and social field, they forgot their ties to Germanhood and the Polish language entered into the life of German families. These German Peoples shall now be reintegrated in the German Volksgemeinschaft (Nation, National community). For this reason, persons who are of German origin and decent and who do not yet have a German identity card, shall report to the German authorities. Every person who can bring proof of at least one German grandparent can be considered to be of German origin and decent. Reporting for registration must be done at the latest until 31.12.1942 to the County Chief with presentation of the appropriate documents. The new organization, which is now conducted by the Reich must allow every person who acknowledges his German decent and is of German origin, to belong to the German Volksgemeinschaft. He can succeed in this by following the call to report himself. The SS and Police Leader Plenipotentiary of the Reichskommisar for the definition of German Nationhood Signed : BöttcherSS Standartenführer
NM SS Police ID and document grouping for Walter Richter. Thick paper ID card dated May 22, 1940, signed by Hannover Police Chief Muller. Replacement card dated Sept. 6, 1945-post war. Also included is a rare orders for the post position at the Engelbosteler Dam. The Nazi ink stamps have been blotted over by U.S. Investigators, but are nicely visible and could possibly be cleaned up. This man was in the Police before and well after the war. L170
E++ SS Soldbuch for Karl Götting of the Schutzpolizei-Hamburg, SS #16089. Minimal entries through 1945, but in supreme condition. Holes have been punched from having been in his personnel file. SS231
E++ SS Police District Attorney's Sentencing Documents. From the public prosecutor's office in Berlin, division of criminal records, in answer to an inquiry from the police, that the mentioned person, Mr. Kollof, has been sentenced for a criminal offence and has served a prison term. The person was sentenced for committing unnatural sexual acts with a man in violation of criminal code § 175 to one year in prison. (Homosexuality) And to 3 months prison for insult. As such, an interesting document, from a time when it was not considered gay to be gay. The Der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft-Und Registerführer ink stamps have been "inked" out. But a nice Justizbehorden, Berlin-Moabit 2 stamp dated 11/23/44 remains. SS458
E++ SS-VT LAH Orders to Report for Active Duty! Early active duty notice dated 10/18/39 and issued by Sepp Dietrich. 1 Berlin SW postal cancellation, 2 SS-Erlakstellel Vergungstruppe stamps, 2 LSSAH stamps, 1 Berlin-Lichterfelde stamp, and a big square (Parchwitz) control- stamp, all with the same purple ink as the "Sepp Dietrich" Facsimile stamp. Minor shade variations in the inks. This has A LOT of very collectable stamps, and is a high demand period (Spanish era) document. Minor yellowing and a minor rip from the staple! SS456
E++ SS letter from the soldier's wife/girlfriend including a pressed rose. SS ink stamp "SS Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptampt" and postal cancelation stamp dated Sept. 18th 1944 from Saalfeld. Nice rare and personalized piece! SS391
NM SS Man's Personal Letter sent from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

The envelope itself is the real treasure with several ink stamps including a large "SS-Feldpost" over a "WEIMAR-BUCHENWALD" postal cancellation dated "7-8-41" and a faint "SS-Flak-Abt kammandostab-RFSS" in the opposite corner. Inside is a long letter addressed to the soldier's girl friend or wife "Meine liebe Helga" (My love Helga) written in the old Sütterlin Schrift with the date "6-8-41" (August 6th, 1941) in the upper right hand corner. Rare and very personal Buchenwald camp item!
NM- SS Man's Personal Letter sent from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

The envelope is faded but still nice with several ink stamps including a large "SS-Feldpost" over the postmark which reads "Vergiß nicht Straße und Hausnummer anzugeben" with "WEIMAR-1" and the date "8-9-41" inside a double circle. "SS-Flak-Abt. kammandostab-RFSS" is stamped in the lower left hand corner. Inside is a long letter addressed to the soldier's girl friend or wife "Meine liebe Helga" (My love Helga). The letter is hand written in the old Sütterlin Schrift with "Buchenwald" and the date "6-9-41" (September 6th, 1941) in the upper right hand corner. Another rare and very personal Buchenwald Konzentrations item!
NM SS Man's Personal Letter sent from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

The envelope itself is the real treasure with several ink stamps including a large "SS-Feldpost" over a "WEIMAR-BUCHENWALD" postal cancellation dated "5-8-41" and a faint "SS-Flak-Abt kammandostab-RFSS" in the opposite corner. Inside is a long letter to the soldier's girl friend or wife "Helga" written in the old Sutterlan Schrift with the date "4-8-41" (August 4th, 1941). Rare and very personal Buchenwald camp item!
E+ SS Polizei Division "Katscher" Cartoon Postcard. Nice purple SS Polizei ink stamp and postal cancelation dated July 30th 1940. Tiny piece of one corner is gone. SS390
NM Concentration Camp Postcard from Lublin. Dated Feb 16 1944 with a Postprufer 1 ink stamp on one side. The front has a 12 RM occupied Poland General Government postage stamp, with a nice Political style eagle and swaz in the upper left corner. The stamp has a Lublin e Postal cancellation. In the lower left corner of the card is a K.L.Lublin Postempfang stamp with a red ink cancellation "Lubelski" stamp over it. Minor age yellowing and one small pencil eraser stain in the corner. Pristine condition. SS446
NM Concentration Camp Postcard from Lublin. Dated Feb 4 1944 with a Postprufer 1 ink stamp on one side. The front has a 12 RM occupied Poland Deutshces Reich General Government Hitler Head postage stamp. The stamp has a Lublin e Postal cancellation. In the lower left corner of the card is a K.L.Lublin Postempfang stamp with a red ink cancellation "Lubelski" stamp over it. Minor age yellowing with no stains! Pristine condition. SS447
E SS Feldpostbrief with Dachau 3 Cancellation stamp. Hospital wounded release document for Alois Wolsegger dated March 1st 1944. 4th SS Flak (E) Reg. Ink stamp on the rear with 2 different Waffen SS Standart-Lazarett, Dachau on the front. There is a piece torn off the top where the paper tape had sealed it shut. Lots of very desirable Dachau ink stamps though!! This one will go fast! SS442
M Lublin Concentration Camp Postcard. Nice heavy stock in mint condition with a Hitler head stamp, a Lublin cancellation ink stamp and 3 other ink stamps. Nice piece, written in Polish(?) and still very legible if you can translate the script. Dated December 14, 1943. SS510
M Lublin Concentration Camp Postcard for the receipt of a package(?). Nice heavy stock in mint condition with a Hitler head stamp, a Lublin cancellation ink stamp and 2 other ink stamps. Nice piece, written in Polish(?) and still very legible if you can translate the script. Dated January 20, 1944. SS511
NM SS Letter from Buchenwald Concentration camp with RFSS ink stamp and Weimar 1 postal cancellation. Dated mid '41. A long letter to the soldier's girl friend or wife "Helga" is inside. Rare and very personal Buchenwald camp item! SS307
E+ SS Police registration form for Josef Steh. Polish ID form has some very minor age yellowing with a perfect SS stamp. It reads "Der Reichsführer SS und Chief der Deutschen Polizei-Einwohner-Erfassung". Nice document rarely seen! SS486
E- SS Stammkarte for Peter Rossgen (?) Military Record. Issued in Nov. 1933 till may 1935. SS #269845. SS316
NM SS Wehrpass for Waffen SS Oberkanonier Wilhelm Steckels. Signed by a Wehrbezikskommando Hauptman from Dortmund. Includes a "reminder" to sign it, this was a replacement for the lost original. He volunteered in 1943 for the 11th SS Art.Reg.16. Italian duty! SS388
SS199 E- Absolutely incredible SS Box Office Bill Board by Anton. The poster is mounted on a heavy composite board, with another paper backing. There are a few scratches/scrapes from the years of storage, one is visible across the runes. It translates in English to read "GERMAN (ARTISTS)PERFORMERS OF THE SS, SALZBURG-RESIDENCE-CARIBINIERI-HALL RESIDENCEPLACE 1, DAILY PERFOMANCES FROM 10 TILL 17" (10:00 TILL 5:00) size 21 1/2" by 32" Very rare poster by a very desirable artist-Anton! SS199
SS226 E++ Waffen SS Recruiting Poster. Marked H'O'CH in the lower left hand corner. Has the correct orangish-red ink unlike the fakes which tend to be pure red. Printed on the correct glossy paper, has been folded into quarters, but folds are light and barely visible. Measures 16 1/8" by 24 3/4". SS226
E++ Hindenburg Cross of Honor Badge, Lapel Pin, and Award Document, 1914-1918. Combatants award with swords is die struck with 95% of it's original bronze finish remaining and marked 7 RV Pforzheim on the back with the original ribbon. Very nice award document dated 3/11/35 to Richard Schulz, with a facsimile Hindenburg signature. Also included is the recipient's miniature medal bar/stick pin with an WWI Iron Cross 2nd and miniature Honor Cross. Nice grouping! M501
E- Cloth Insignia of the SS
By LTC (retired) John R. Angolia
2nd Edition Roger Bender Publishing
E++ The Order of the Death's Head
The Story of Hitler's SS
By Heinze Höhne (paperback)
E+ Knight's Cross winners of the Waffen SS. Pamphlet featuring 15 winners of the Knight's Cross. L089
E SS Der Weg Zum Reich, (Basically translates...This is what it took to make the Reich, or the road to the Reich) 124 pages. A history of the path taken by the Germanic peoples that eventually evolved into the 3rd Reich. Many black and white as well as color drawings, maps, etc. 1 minor tear on front cover and 1/2 the spine paper is gone, other than that, it's in unbelievable condition. SS149
E++ SS Leitheft Feb 1943 with purple Wewelsburg Castle ink stamp, very clean and crisp! 10 nice gloss picture pages and an interesting article on the Hitler Youth. Minor aging, pristine for it's age! SS392
E SS Vormingsbladen 6, 32 pages, dated June 1944. SS153
E+ SS Leitheft with Wewelsburg stamp. Dated February 1940. 16 pages. SS238
E++ SS Leitheft pamphlet, dated 15th of July 1940. SS148
E SS Leitheft, 35 pages, small corner missing on the back cover. This has a period WEWELSBURG SS stamp on the inside cover SS151
F++ Mollo's Uniforms of the SS. Volume 6, 1st edition. L010
E Mollo's Uniforms of the SS. Volume 4, 2nd edition. L009
E Mollo's Uniforms of the SS. Volume 3, 3rd edition. L008
E Mollo's Uniforms of the SS. Volume 2, 3rd edition. (dust cover not included) L007
E Mollo's Uniforms of the SS. Volume 1, 4th edition. L006
NM Herman Aubin's "Schlesien" A small book which describes and illustrates German cultural growth and expansion in the Middle Ages. Many illustrations of churches, sculptures of the Madonna, etc. 3 SS SD Bucheroi-Leitabschnitt Prag ink stamps. VERY RARE! L088
E++ Orders, Decorations, Medals,
and Badges of the Third Reich
(Including the Free City of Danzig)
By David Littlejohn and Col. C.M. Dodkins
F "Das Buch vom Heer"
The Book of the Army

"Herausgegeben von Major von Zeska, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht"
Published by Major von Zeska,
High Command of the Armed Forces

"Mit 60 Photos und Zeichnungen"
With 60 Photos and Drawings
E File of Police Officer/Retired Mayor Erich Stock. Nearly 100 pages including many SS documents and many high ranking signatures. Stock seemed to be a controversial officer with many personal issues, constantly defending himself. Brief translations. L027
NM Ukrainian Trade Union Certificate. Complete with the owner's picture and personal information as well as 3 ink stamps and 8 contribution(?) stamps. L225
E- Dienstausweis for Karl Hass. Hamburg Schutzpolizei ID booklet with 4 entries from 1941 to 1944. There's minor water damage and fading, the signatures are clear and his picture is in great condition. L159
NM Police Service card for Karl Kuhme. Dated '41 for Hannover Police Res. EM, signed by Major der Schutzpolizei und Abschnittskommandeur Muller. Also has a Wehrbezirks-kommando Hannover ink stamp/entry on the back. Blue ink blotted out by US Investigators. L177
NM Police Service card for Heinrich Ridder. Dated Feb.'43 for Hannover Police Reserves Gefreiter, signed by Major der Schutzpolizei und Abschnittskommandeur Muller, not his adjutant as is more common. Blue ink blotted out by US Investigators. L178
E+ Luftwaffe Soldbuch for Adolf Kostevs. This incredibly packed ID has 21+ signatures, 2 or more are Knights Cross recipients. 1 is General Oskar Dinort, winner of the Knights Cross with oak leaves, on page 15. Another is Knights Cross winner Gerhard Hoffmann, on page 21. I'm sure there are even more, I just got tired of looking. Very desirable document. The first entry was in 1939 and the last in 1944. He mainly worked as a Technical Flight School Instructor. L154
NM Kriegsmarine Soldbuch for "???? Jackel" serving in the Kommando 1 Schiffstammregiment. Only the first 5 pages have been filled out. Great condition for a display! L153
NM Führerschein for Kriegsmarine OberGefrieter Paul Radtke. Drivers License for Naval NCO stationed at Kreigs Feldpost #44550 N. dated Feb 22nd 1944. This is one of the best condition Wehrmacht-Führerscheins' I have seen! 100% original piece. L180
E+ Soldbuch Grouping includes Wehrmacht: Führerschein (driver's permit), and Schiezliste (shooting qualifications chart) for Heinz Gunter Peters, machine gunner. Many entries, most can be seen in the scans! Rare group and a highly collectable machine gunner document. L093
E++ Soldbuch, Gesundheitsbuch, Dog tag. And 16 more documents for Heer NCO-1-G.Ers.Komp.239. This is a huge grouping, we scanned them all so get a cup of coffee while it loads, several have very desirable signatures. The pics tell the story! Rare! L201
E+ Military Dossier card for Herbert Sohroter. Grenschutz Police Officer info with several entry's dating from 1935-1937. Minor aging with a very nice ID picture of Herbert. L196
NM Heer Wehrpass for Ludwig Gerhard. Sub district Recruiting Headquarters-Saarbrucken. This also has a signature from Knights Cross winner Gille on page 12. Nice first type wehrpass, very clean! L094
F+ East Prussian Kennkarte for Leon Pachucki. Very worn linen ID booklet with a red stripe. Issued Feb. 24th 1944 in Sudauen? 3 Nazi purple ink stamps and the photo is in nice condition. L217
E- Deutsches Reich Kennkarte for Anna Brzozowska, maiden name Kowalewska. Special issue for East Prussian citizens, dated 4/13/43. This has 2 rare signatures by Friedrich Rainer. Very worn from age but still legible and extremely rare! L208
NM Arbeitsausweis for Construction Engineer Holinka Zbigniew number 210. Dated 1944 with 2 ink stamps. L221
E Arbeitskarte und Bescheinigung. Polish and Arbeitsamt, 4 Neus (nazi) ink stamps. Issued to Paul Penczek on January 19 1942. Includes a Genehmigung document dated 1943 and '44. Age wear and minor damage, but a rare group! L164
E++ Arbeitskarte for Polish Arbeitsamt Nr.3 Jauer. Issued to Roman Dziub on July 17 1944. Good photo and finger prints with both Polish and Nazi ink stamps. Excellent condition with minor age yellowing. You don't see this type often! L163<
E+ Arbeitsbuch Fur Auslander. Forced labor ID book issued to a conscripted girl from the Ukraine. Ink stamps from Arbeitsamt Weiden/ Ehrendorf. Excellent forced labor ID book. L188
NM Arbeitsbuch for Yohann Flicta(?) 1936 Nebebstelle Peistretscham. Early type one document. L108
E++ Urbeitskarte for Franciszek Kotarinski, includes his photograph and Government I.D. for his job in Warscha. Rare to find a group like this! L095
E Ausweis/ID Grouping for Polish Man Florian Sobolewski. Bezirk Bailystok Rersonalausweis issued in April 1942 and the last entry April 1945. Very nice condition! Also his Arbeitsausweis 29 entries from 4/42 to 6/44. Nice set! L218
E++ Ausweis der Deutschen Volksliste, Zweigstelle. Orange color I.D. pass for Agnes Tiefensee issued 5/8/1942 in Danzig. Shows minor wear but bearing in mind it's 61 years old-fantastic. Very rare color Ausweis. L212
E- Ausweis der Deutschen Volkslist issued from Litzmannstadt. ID for German woman Anna Wolfschmidt. Nice clear picture and 3 black ink Nazi stamps-double arm swastikas inside a shield. Minor age spotting and a corner is torn. L220
NM DRL Ausweis (German Association for physical fitness) ID Booklet. Unissued, 12 page book with blue linen over cardboard covers with the DRL eagle and Asso. Name. The original string and 2 rivets still remain-binding it together.Minor fading-good color! L232
E++ Bezirk Bialystok Personalausweis ID card. Dated 1943 when issued and the last Nazi entry is dated 1945. The original picture remains and overall the card is in great shape with some very minor aging. L207
E++ Bezirk Bailystok Personalausweis ID card for Olimpiada Rozko. Purple Nazi ink stamps-Landkreis Grobno, Amtkommissariat Ostryna. Date of issue Feb. 15th 1943, last entry 3/15/45. Minor soiling, very nice condition! L222
E++ Passport for Friedrich and Martha Gorges with Landrat Greifswald ink stamps. L106
E+ Ausweis Stempel-Bromberg. ID Card for Dynamite Supply Employee Stefan Polaszewski at the Alfred Nobel & Company storage yard in Bromberg. Dated 13.7.42. 4 official stamps. L090
E Railroad employees work ID for Polish citizen Anton Klemzynski. 2 nice Shulitz ink stamps with 1 Official's signature. Dated June 25, 1944. This one has seen some use and is reinforced with tape on the outside-period repair job. L230
E- Railroad employees work ID for Polish citizen (stamped "Pole") Kasimir Mierzwicki in Argenau dated May 13, 1944. 1 Official's signature on both sides and 6 ink stamps, this one has seen some use, but still a nice ID. L228
E+ Railroad employees work ID for Polish citizen (stamped "Pole") Johann Kubiak. 2 Official's signatures with several nice ink stamps including "Bahnhof Honensalza" dated January 9, 1945. A little worn but still legible front and back. L229
E Railroad employees work ID for Leo Czarnowski. 5 ink stamps and 2 Official's signatures. Good condition if you keep in mind how much use it saw. L204
E Railway Employee-Polish ID Card. Dated 1944 with the man's photo attached and 2 red "Bromberg" Nazi authorization ink stamps. The lower corner has a small piece cut out. Nice period document. L206
E- Railway Employee-Polish Citizen ID Card. Issued in 1944 in Vramberg?-the red ink Nazi stamps are hard to read. Also a "V" has been cut out of the center of the card to nullify it. Many of these trains carried the Jewish prisoners. L213
E++ Nazi Fishing License Warsaw-Angelkarte Karta Wedkarska. Renewed license, the front dated 26 Juli 1940, and the renewal dated April 25/1944. Minor yellowing but little fading and 3 "Der Polizeipresident/Warsau Nazi stamps. RARE! L226
E Hannover Polizei Dienstpas and Dienstausweis for Heinrich Ridder. He joined the NSDAP in 1937, #4061716- with the final entry in 1944. Lots of potential for study, he won 4 awards. L162
NM Russian SMERSH ID BADGE For Colonel Antonov Jiergiej Konstantinovich. This is his Badge!! Smersh is Russian for "death to spies". Organized in early 1943 for hunting spies, these men stood behind battle lines and shot anyone who tried to retreat....deterrence. In April 1943 the "Smersh" evolved into the NKGB. This ID is 1 of 2 known to exist at this time, and a Colonel who I understand became a General. Most of this unit destroyed their ID's and changed their names. A rough job to have to shoot your own men!! Unbelievable!!! So when I say rare I am serious! I bought this from a close acquaintance, a very sensitive topic, and it made me quite uneasy. L046
E- NSDAP Membership Certificate for Fanny Heigl. There are some minor tears and rust spots, but it's a great display! Nice ink stamps and signatures. L157
NM NSDAP National Health Service card. Medical entries/stamps for 3 years. Rare document to find as most were disposed of after the war. L203
E++ Landrat (Regional Governor) Kreifes (district) Geilenkirche (Geilenchurch) Heinsburg License Plate Tag. 99% of the original finish remains with some minor spidering. M317
E+ RLB Contribution book. Originally had 10 stamps, 2 still remain. Dated August of '39. Signed by an Ortsgruppenführer of the RLB. L028
NM MIA/POW letter to the parents of Lothar Pittschaft. Translation:

(typed-in text) Dear Mr. Pittschaft,

(form letter printed text) The conclusion of the investigation concerning the fate of

(typed-in text) Your son, Corporal Lothar
P i t t s c h a f t, born 25.8.1920 10th Company, Army Signals Regiment 549

(form letter printed text) who was last deployed in the Stalingrad theatre has brought no complete resolution. He must therefore be considered missing (in action). The Soviet Union refuses to give by name the prisoners they have, even though such behavior contradicts conventions of war. Efforts by international aid societies or neutral states, to change this posture of the Soviet Union, have unfortunately gone without results. News, which circulates concerning the fate of prisoners of war, cannot be controlled and can lead to assumptions which are misleading as well as alarming to the wider community and is put into the world in the form of enemy propaganda to this end. I therefore deeply regret that I am not in the position to bring you a clarifying report and the comfort of certainty.

(typed-in text)
Date missing:
9.January 1943

(form letter printed text)
Heil Hitler!
Major and Leader of the Labor Head Quarters
NM Death Notice for Hermann Schwarz. Dated with nice crisp purple ink- Hamborn Vet's Ortsgruppe stamps on the front and back. The 5rm Hindenburg stamp has a Hamborn Postal cancelation stamp dated Nov. 15 1933. Well preserved! L161
NM Certificate of Execution-Contribution of Duty #662790. Effort Duties ordered by the German Gov. to be paid by the Polish Warsaw Citizens. Total demanded-100,000,000 ZL . This receipt is for 30-ZL with Mayor's Facsimile signature. Rare! L214
E- Dachau II Death Certificate. For Stanislaus Frankowski #318-1942, with Standesbeamter Dachau II purple ink stamp and Officer's signature, dated 2/11/42. Minor rips and holes, period repaired with paper tape, but with something this rare, who cares! L191
E+ Auschwitz/Posen #3 Concentration Camp Letter. Original, full, 2 page letter from an illegible source. 12 RM Hitler stamp has an Auschwitz/Posen cancellation dated 6/23/43 with 2 other purple stamps-Ooprush(?) and 3 K.L Auschwitz. Minor yellowing and creases. L189
E- Auschwitz/Lober? #2 Concentration Camp Letter. Original full 2 page letter from Rogala Wenzel. 12 RM Hindenberg has an Auschwitz/Lober cancellation dated 5/18/44 with 2 other purple stamps-Ooprush? 2 K.L Auschwitz. Minor yellowing and fold tears. L190
NM Enveloped Letter on graph paper dated 1944. Soldier's letter home with a cancellation stamp from Feldpost #4, dated Sept. 3rd, 1944. Excellent condition. L171
E+ Auschwitz Concentration camp Letter with a Camp ink stamp. Fold creases but still excellent shape. L151
E Auschwitz Concentration Camp Letter with a camp ink stamp. Fold creases and minor tearing in the middle. L150
NM Hamburg-Neuengamme Concentration Camp letter with camp ink stamp. The paper is in fantastic condition with minor yellowing. L149
E++ Auschwitz Concentration Camp Letter with a camp ink stamp. There are some fold creases but otherwise, still in excellent shape. L148
E++ SS Gusen Concentration Camp letter from Franciszek Lewandowski, Prisoner # 43110, dated 1944. Also includes 3 Postal Money Orders for 10 RM each, made out for Franciszek "Franz" Lewandowski, dated 1941 and 1942. This is a very rare Lublin Concentration Camp package/grouping from a wife to her husband. L042b
E Polish POW postcard from Polish Stalag IV A . Prisoner # 148961, Joseph Kubiak. L041a
M 2 un-issued Certificates of Execution. These certificates translate as follows:

pay in proportion to my call from 5th February 1944 y, as his share in the contribution 100 000 000,- which was lay by order of German Government from 2nd February 1944 y, on Polish people Warsaw City and neighborhood on total sum:
what I've satisfied myself

Sorry for the rough translation, but I'm sure you get the idea.
$50.00 each or $80.00 for both.
E+ Notice of Execution for any person aiding Jews by order of Dr Fisher. Mass printed poster dated 1941 in Warsaw Poland. Age yellowing and minor tears, but this is a very rare notice!! 40cm X 33 1/2cm. L199
E++ Das Hakenkreuz Extra Deutsche Uniformen (German Uniform Catalogue) reprint. Originally re-printed for subscribers by Jack and Alice Britton. Minor spots on the front cover, great for reference! L173
NM Donation Booklet for Nurnberg. 52mm by 35mm with 12 black and white pictures-fold outs. Extremely good condition with minor yellowing/wear. L169
E+ 1936 Olympics publication "Das Reichssportfeld". 48 pages of pictures of the playing fields, architecture, statues and sculptures, as well as the athletes. Written in German and English, this is a wonderful period look at the '36 games. L128
E+ 1936 Olympic Games map of Berlin and it's Tourist attractions on one side. Also with a detailed depiction of the Stadium and playing fields. Minor yellowing from age with a couple of wear spots. L129
E+ 1936 Olympics publication "So Kampfte Und Siegte Die Jugend Der Welt" by Franz Miller, Baron P. von Le Fort, and Dr. H. Harster. 160 pages of pictures and descriptions of each event as well as the winners, which medal they won, and the country they represent. L130
E++ "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William Shirer. 1240 pages, copyright 1959, 9th printing. This is a very informative book on every significant occurrence during the period of Nazi Germany. A must for the history buff! L127
NM Hard cover book "Panzer am Balkan" with beautifully done hand calligraphy dedication to Hans-Joachim. The text reads: "For excellent results in the recyclable materials collection." Dated July 10th 1942, with the signature of the director and an eagle stamp from Hauptschule fur Jugend-Kattowik. 230 pages with lots of pictures. L125
NM Panzer Faust Propaganda/instructions for German citizens, dated '43. Some very minor wrinkles, but who cares when it's this rare! L123
E+ "U Boot Auf Feindfahrt" by Harold Busch and C. Bertelsmann Gutersloh. 95 pages of black and white photos of life on a U-boat. A must for the collector of this category! L131
NE+ Kriegsmarine book "Deutsche Seemacht". Includes a section with Knight's Cross winners! Nice! L121
E++ "Der Sieg in Polen" The Leaders of the Wehrmacht, by Wilhelm Undermann. Copyrighted in 1939, with a Dedication written in Pencil in 1943. 158 pages of pictures and a blow by blow description of the invasion of Poland through German eyes. L132
E++ "Der Sieg in Nordem" by Friedrich Heiss. 172 pages of pictures and descriptions of the Invasion of Norway from a German point of view. 100's of period photos of the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht. L133
E "18 Tage Weltgeschehen" ( Der Feldzug Gegen Polen) 110 pages of pictures and strategy of the Polish Campaign from a German perspective. Very informative! L134
E- Der Adler "Stoß in England's Flanke" the German Luftwaffe in Norway. 130 pages of great pictures and information from a German point of view. It has been repaired with a new spine binding. L119
E+ "Flakartillerie greift an." Comes with the original purchase receipt! 128 pages about the anti-aircraft artillery. Lots of great photos of downed planes, hot air balloons, Knight's Cross winners, and of course, lots of Flak photos. L062
NM Ernst Vollbehr's Arbeitsschlacht. With 40 full color water color illustrations of bridge construction sites all dated in the 1930s. L016
E++ Schweizer Schützentaler und Medaillen
"Swiss Shooting Talers and Medals"

Shooting talers were commemorative coins awarded to winners of shooting festivals.
NM- Anti Jew Propaganda Flyer.

Measuring approximately 6 x 8 inches with a Jewish man's face inside a Star of David on the front with Russian text on both sides. This was translated by "Dmitry" (a good Russian friend of mine) so you will have to excuse his English.

The front reads:

The Jews your eternal enemies!
Stalin with the Jews one elements criminals.
Death authority of the Jews!

The Back reads:

Who has destroyed your rich country Russia and transformed you into beggars? JEW!
Who has grasped for itself habitation? JEW!
Who kicking the people on war and itself has remained in the party? JEW!
Who has filled your ground with blood and tears and has brought to you famine? JEW!
Who supported you killing Stalin? JEW!
Who violence above your wives? JEW!
Who has taken away in you your kindness and squeezed out from your last juices? JEW!
Who attacked on most Capitalist (Businessmen) and itself taken away your money? JEW!
Who has sent millions people to Concentration camps? JEW!
Who death millions in cellars KGB? JEW!
Who has caused war? JEW!
Who has thought up STACHANOV movement (in 1925) that you to maintain? JEW!
Who promised you paradise and has created a Hell? JEW!
Who has chosen for them self easy work, and you heavy work? JEW!
Who has managed money on Bolshevism a terror? JEW!
Who worked much less and ate much more? JEW!
Who at will Stalin destroyed factories JEW!
Who has thought up vivisect NKVD? JEW!
Who caused death of your brothers? JEW!

There's a small 1 inch rip at the upper right hand corner but other wise this rare document is in near mint condition.
E++ Nazi Leaflet dropped over Soviet Union. "Pass" inviting the Russian soldiers to "come fight with the winning team". Rare! 2 sided. L113a
E- German Propaganda leaflet dropped on Russia "8 points of prisoner of war" 1 sided. L113b
E+ German Propaganda leaflet dropped on Russia. 2 sided. L113c
E German Propaganda leaflet dropped on Russia. 2 sided, great artwork of a Russian Skeleton. 1 small hole in the hat. L113d
E- German Propaganda leaflet dropped on Russia "8 points of prisoner of war." 2 sided. L113e
E++ German Propaganda leaflet dropped on Russia "8 points of prisoner of war." 2 sided. L113f
NM SS Danish Nazi Propaganda leaflet, absolutely original and MINT! SS189
M SS Danish Nazi Propaganda leaflet, absolutely original and MINT! SS190
F+ 4 SS Standort Kantine Buchenwald 2 RM. Notes. These are a little rough but 100% authentic and very rare in any condition. SS275
E+ Der Truppenwetterdienst (The Field Meteorological Service) pamphlet. Ink stamp from Feldpost # 20897E ? L097 +
NM Deutsche Reiterhefte (Equestrian) magazine, June 21 1940 with Mussolini on the cover. 16 pages of incredible pictures! L075a
E+ Deutsche Reiterhefte (Equestrian) magazine, Aug.16 1940, 16 pages-all with great pictures! L075b
E+ Deutsche Reiterhefte (Equestrian) magazine, Aug.2nd 1940, 16 pages of great riding! L075c
E+ Deutsche Reiterhefte (Equestrian) magazine, May 26 1939, 16 pages of Cavalry at it's best! L075d
E+ An Armed Forces publication on Anti-aircraft artillery titled "Heeresflak." 32 pages of stories and photos about the Flak troops and their anti-aircraft weapons. L061
E+ Number 2 Issue "Drauf und Dran Unsere Luftwaffe am Feind." Propaganda magazine for the general public and children, reporting on the war. 32 pages dedicated to the success and drive of the Luftwaffe and their ability to so easily defeat their enemies. Stories and photos of planes, pilots, and of course, Goring. L051
E+ Number 5/6 Issue "Siegeszug Gurch Frankreich." (Victory run through France) Dedicated to the victory over France. Lots of stories and photos documenting the invasion and ultimate victory. L063
E+ Number 1 Issue "Wir von der Westfront." (We from the West Front Battle, report from our soldiers) 32 pages of stories and photos about the Western Front. L064
E+ Number 3 Issue "10 Stunden Scheller." (10 Stunden schneller- 10 hours quicker- Our counter strike in the North) 32 pages of stories and photos about the Kreigsmarine's counter attack to the North. L067
M- Litzmannstadt/Warsaw Getto Jewish Paper Money. One Mark, in MINT condition and probably never circulated. Dated May 15 1940 and serial #352688. This is 100% original period produced and rare as hell!! Very minor age yellowing. L179
E+ Map of Nancy, France
1 side
E- Map of München (Munich), Germany
1 side
E- Map of St Brieuc-Rennes, France
1 side
E Map of Cherbourg Peninsula, 1 side
Named to "Chaplain Hughes" with "Please return if lost!" written in a faded blank ink.

East Europe Map circa 1943- Ravenstein Karte. Map measures about 32" wide by 50" high. Some folding wear, but still in excellent condition. RARE! L076 $50.00
E 2 week rations stamps, unissued. Minor yellowing from age. L114
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